Pinball streamers, here is a tip

Listening to the latest Slamtilt Podcast (hey @Gizmonic), there was a talk with @kdeangelo about streaming pinball on Twitch and how to gain viewership. Well, here is a tip.

Funny that @DEADFLIP holds title of Stern Global Brand Ambassador. Global? You know how many people watch his show live in Europe? Zero! Cause we’re asleep. Given that Jacks shows are on at evening time local. Okay, some might stay up for game reveals and such. But I doubt much else.

My point is, I believe there is a potential to grow viewership, by putting on shows at Europe prime time (what ever that is). An idea for Jack and anyone else. How about setting up a monthly or bi-weekly or by some other recurrence “The Euro Show”. Reaching a Euro audience, interaction with people over here and chat participation. Central Europe is Chicago time +7. Let’s go.


Exactly as you mention @soren, it’s possible to stay up for some major reveals or highlights, but other than that it’s just to late. I really like @DEADFLIP videos and streams and would love some of them to be more GMT-friendly. It’s not the same thing having to watch them later on and not being able to interact.


Streaming during the day is something I have been planning on doing for a little while. Sadly, I have plenty of time to do this…

Thanks for re-inspiring me. Look for one or more daytime streams during the week sometime soon.

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So what’s the preferred time eastern that euro fans would like? I might have to do this on the weekends only, but totally doable.


Interestingly, I find myself watching a fair number of Australian streams (and laser_los) at around 6am local for me on weekends. I am more likely to watch streams early in the morning while the rest of the household is asleep than in the evenings.


Yeah I’ve received a lot of messages when I couldn’t keep videos on my Twitch since that’s what the euro audience was watching.

Streaming in the AM was something I tried several times but it’s hard to make that a schedule.
I’d love to give it another shot though!

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Also, we need MORE Euro pin streamers!!


Cheers, Jack.

I know it can be hard to kickstart. And you also have a loyal audience to keep in mind. Which is why I suggest a recurring event. Like first Saturday each month. Get up, breakfast, stream. Will be an afternoon show here that could catch on. Perhaps. Who knows.

Agree. Not much streaming or podcasting coming out of this continent. Unfortunetly.


Marking down a day a week to stream for a few hours in the AM isn’t out of the question, it’s just a matter of making the schedule make sense!


OK, Soren, I’m doing this. I have a lot of appreciation for the Eastern Hemisphere fans, so I am going to start streaming at 3pm Eastern Time on Wednesdays.

8pm in London
9pm in Paris
11pm in Moscow (a late night)
5am in Tokyo (an early morning for them)
7am in Melbourne (breakfast time)

We will focus solely on pinball. (I will feature cancer segments on my Tuesday show.)

I agree that if more people watch others streaming they, too, will want to do it. So let’s see how this goes. Thanks for the prodding to finally motivate me to do this!


I typically stream on Saturday and Sunday morning at 10am US Central time on Top Rope Pinball. Usually there are several people on from Europe and I love the interaction. Come follow me and set up notification when I go live!!!

I used to watch a lot of the US streamers when commuting to work back in the good old pre-covid days. I think its easy to say stream in the morning to pick up the EU crowd and you’ll probably get some more viewers but I wouldn’t expect it to be huge,

Karl is streaming during the day US time so we pick it up in the evening->night and its cool. I’ve been watching all his streams along with a couple of others, Tightrope, Los (who is like a machine :))

The EU audience is pretty fragmented and many want to watch in their own language and pick up with the own local community of people they know, hence why Looseflip gets a lot of viewers and pinballboygermany gets a lot of views as he has links to KDS (big German Stern importer). RB Flip also does really well and Soire but in French.

In the UK there are four or five of us but we don’t stream that regularly. I’m most Friday evenings UK time 21:00->0:00 and I’m pretty rubbish :smiley:


Soren we will be doing a live tournament 9:30am CST on Saturday February 13th.


You drink that early?!? Lol

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Streaming the Shadow now!!


Streaming in one hour for anyone who wants to tune in! Got my mobile rig setup today so I can take requests on the game you want to see.

Playing and talking to audience when it’s not your native language is something very difficult to do unfortunately. I’ll try it this summer if I can, stay tuned.