Pinball "Start-Up" Song?

I’ve heard people wishing there was a pinball equivalent of “gentlemen, start your engines” or “let’s get ready to rumble” to kick off large events. We have songs, of sorts, e.g. the whole Tommy opera, but that was done by a rock band, not by pinballers. I’ve been known to hack together lyrics on occasion, so I thought, what the heck, I’ll give it a go. As background, I’ve been a Queen fan since they first appeared in the early 1970’s, and a fan of Brian May in particular, since he’s a fellow science geek [check out his background]. I think my first favorite song by Queen was … well, you’ll see in a minute. Brian is playing a Harlem Globetrotters machine in one of their videos, by the way [not this one]. Anyway, I have a rough draft of something that it would be fun to hear people karaoke-ing to kick off an event. Maybe we can get Keith, Bowen, Raymond and Zac to sing a bit at the Circuit Finals or Pinburgh. Ed Robertson & company for backing music? Whatever, I’m throwing this out there to see if anyone thinks it’s worth experimenting with, or needs an editorial tweak or two. Thanks.

To the tune of … Keep Yourself Alive, as written by Brian May and performed by Queen:

Keep That Ball Alive!

Plunge off!

We will score a million points

If we don’t brick our shots today

Hope our play is getting wiser

Little better every day

But if we nailed a million spinners

And Road-Showed a million miles

Get a double-playfield started

Shooting combos makes us smile

Well we broke a million mirrors

When it’s Tommy that we played

And you’re gonna see our faces

On the High Score Roll today

Now the webcast chat is telling you

Make him “Move Your Car”

No lead’s safe, don’t get too satisfied

Try to raise the bar

Keep your ball alive

Keep your ball alive

Draining costs you lots more money

Replay to survive

Well I’ve made the million skill shot

On Arena on good days

And I cashed 3 Mil on Diner

Spin that Cup six times it pays

Give me inlanes that I need

To keep my ball under control

As my score grows ever bigger

Getting G.C. is my goal

I was told a million times

Of all the big shots in my way

How I have to keep on trying

To get better every day

But if I cross the video streams

Then my points will be too low

And my score’d be where I started

Same as when I’d started

Keep your ball alive

Keep your ball alive

Draining costs you lots more money

Replay to survive

Do you think you’re better than BK?

No, I’m on Addams, just one more letter in Grave

    • Chorus repeats a few times - -

All pinballers, keep that ball alive

Play so well you don’t need money, honey,

You will survive

Keep you satisfied


Nice little ditty. I’m not really a Queen fan, but would prefer something more along the lines of hip-hop.

To the beat and style of Better Now, performed by Post Malone:

You probably think that you play better now, better now!
You only say that 'cause the ball is round, the ball is round!
You know I never meant to tilt you down, tilt you down!
Woulda flipped for anything, woulda scored for everything, oh whoa!

How about the classic…

1 2 3 4… 5… 6 7 8 9… 10… 11… 12
Do do dodedo day do do dododah.


I like the idea of a song to kick off the show, but do we even know if Keith, Bowen, Raymond or Zach can sing at all? If not, that could make for a rough start. Maybe select singers by ability rather than ranking? Do we have any known decent singers in the sport/ hobby? (other than Ed and BNL)

I competed at Free Gold Watch once where Andrei Massenkoff’s dad sang the national anthem before we got started. It was both unexpected and awesome. Andrei’s dad has a booming tenor voice (I believe) and in tiny FGW, it was amazing. It was a great way to start the day. He only changed the last line of the anthem. …and the home of Free Gold Watch. Brought the house down.


I’m pretty much the best singer in pinball.

But I’m gonna need some better material than I’ve seen so far!!!

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Easy. Play this song:

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Look no further.

love that song Kev :smiley:

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I’d be happy to contribute something along these lines, I’m big into that genre.

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That’s more of a finals song than a startup song, although I’ve been lobbying for years for a Kingpin pin based on the movie. Pinball needs more Bill Murray and more characters like Big Ern McCracken.

While I was happy to hear the good reviews for the new Toyota Supra commercial featuring the Who’s Pinball Wizard, we need a new anthem. That song is now 50 years old. I’m seeing and hearing more pinball in new music these days. Pinball is cool again. I’m old and I probably won’t like it if someone comes up with a new pinball anthem, but if it’s anywhere near as popular as Pinball Wizard, I’m down with it.

My favorite battle tune below. Even has battle right there in the title. If I got to choose a walk on song in the finals of a big tournament, this would be it.

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Well, folks, whatever we use, and whomever performs it, let’s get something put together. Even Battlebots has a send-off, “It’s Robot Fightin’ Time!”

FWIW, I got into pinball about the same time I got into Queen [early 1970’s], so my linkage of the two was only natural.

Trivia note: the right to create parodies / alternate lyrics to best-selling tunes goes back to something else from my youth: MAD Magazine. In 1961, one of their “special” issues [“More Trash from Mad #4”] included a batch of about 50 such "sung to the tune of " songs with their own humorous lyrics. About 25 of the original artists sued Mad’s publisher, EC Publications, including Irving Berlin [he’s best known for White Christmas, but this involved a different song of his]. It went all the way up the courts to the US Court of Appeals, where MAD won. The artists still appealed that to the US Supreme Court, which said, no, not taking this case, thanks, we’re letting the Appeals Court decision stand.

And the rest - - Allan Sherman in the 1960’s, and Weird Al Yankovic since the late 1970’s, is history.

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Levi should be our Farouk!