Pinball (socializing) in Toronto

As this worked out so well with pinball @heyrocker and @karl13 for Portland last year, I try this again: I’ll be in Toronto from July 1st to July 5th. If anyone wants to introduce me to the local pinball scene, have a few games and a beer or two, message me. I’ll bring some packs of Manner Schnitten from Vienna. Recommendations for pinball spots to look our for are also appreciated, of course.

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Check out


In Toronto

Also if you have access to a car I’d be happy to open up my place if you feel like making the trek to Keswick

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TILT and CABIN FEVER are definitely the top two places to visit (friends of mine are owners and REALLY love pinball) Also, Junction City Music Hall and 3030 are also awesome pinball spots. Give me a shout on twitter at @topinhead and let me know if you need a pinball sherpa!

If you feel bold enough to explore on your own, check out this very helpful pinball map of Toronto (some places might not be 100% up to date)

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How’d the trip go?

Anybody in Toronto willing to get this shirt in XL and mail it to me in Minneapolis? Send me a DM.

Is there any reason ya can’t just order it? I mean, the owner of Cabin Fever/Drop Target is a friend of mine. I could send it to ya if you need, but I feel it would be simpler for her to just do it.