Pinball Rankings skill for Amazon Alexa

For anyone with an Amazon Alexa device I just posted a Pinball Rankings skill which is a voice interface for IFPA Rankings. Please check it out and spread the word. I am already working on new features (upcoming nearby events, more details, etc) which should be available soon.

Feel free to leave comments, suggestions, issues or ideas.

Click to view demo PinballRankings

Pinball Rankings skill on AmazonPinballRankingsSkill


Sounds cool. A new way to obsess. Any reason it needs to be geo restricted (I assume to US only?)

Currently it is US only because if I offer it worldwide, Amazon makes me program the responses in multiple languages.

I wanted to get the initial version out there and then do frequent updates with new features.

“Alexa - how many tournaments do I need to tank to be able to play in B Division”


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I installed this but it wouldn’t let me save my ID.

“Open pinball rankings”
“Search for player 22952”
<Lucas Nelson …>
<You must be in player search …>

What am I doing wrong?

Same for me.

Let me look at the update real quick, I just added the player ID search last night

Artimage and djreddog, please try again, I resolved one issue and all should hopefully be fixed. Let me know if the problem is resolved

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Mostly OT, but:

My father has the semi-endearing but increasingly tedious habit of constantly interrogating his Alexa. Recently I was gently mocking him by interjecting my own ridiculous questions, and that is how I found out that Alexa has a firm answer to “Who’s the world’s greatest pinball player?”