Pinball (people) in Portland, Oregon

I’m a (video)games journalist in my mid-thirties from Austria, Vienna, visiting Portland from March 23rd until 25th. If anyone wants to hang out for a beer and play a few games, maybe show me some of the most important pinball spots, let me know!

Ground Kontrol seems to be a must-go-to, and maybe C-Bar or POP?

Also, I run a pinball culture blog: - I know it hasn’t been updated lately, but a new post is in the making :wink:

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I would highly recommend cbar. Machines are generally better maintained than GK. Good beer list, good food. Ship Ahoy is a dive bar across the street and there are 4 more pins there. GK is still a great spot though, just based on the number of machines they have. POP is great, they have a nice mix of machines. Say hi to @heyrocker while you’re there. Other must hit locations are probably Blackbird (about 10 machines and within walking distance to Hawthorne Hideaway which has 5 more pins), and Scoreboard. There are also tons of other great locations with 3-5 machines.

Pinball map is your friend. I would meet up but unfortunately I’ll be out of town. Join the pdx pinball Facebook page and make a post when you get into town. I’m sure someone will be down to play some games.

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Hey there! I’m Greg Dunlap, and I run POP with @nicoleanne. Give us a heads up when you’re coming by, and we’ll make sure to be there. Would love to talk more about POP and our mission, and play some old classics!

CBar is pretty cool too though :slightly_smiling:

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Plus one vote for POP. It was the only pinball place I went to when I visited Portland in the spring. The place is great, you get to see kids excited about our hobby and you can play some classic games. It’s perfect.


Great, thank you for the replies!

@heyrocker and @nicoleanne I’ll definitely contact you when I arrive.

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Portland is the greatest pinball town I’ve ever visited. It’s an embarrassment of riches, and +1 on being the only guide you’d need.

Ground Kontrol is definitely great, but I gotta say that I had far more fun playing on location in places like CBar and Hungry Tiger. Seems like I only had to hang out for 15 minutes before some hardcore heads would show up, and the folks I met couldn’t have been more awesome.

Very jealous of your upcoming trip — let us know how it goes! :joy:

Maybe poke your head in GK just to say you went there but if you actually want to play, head to CBar and POP. CBar also has great food so you can kill two birds with one stone by going there for a meal.

Seconded on everything, especially putting out a post on the portland pinball facebook group the day of. There’s almost always someone willing to meet up, including maybe myself.

Just wanted to check in again. I had a really good time in Portland, in terms of pinball and in general. It was great visiting POP and its staff, I was amazed by Ground Kontrol and had some good games at Cbar - which is located in an interesting neighborhood, by the way :wink: Everything’s quiet and calm, except two bars. Thank you for the recommendations!

I will be posting the interview with Greg from POP at soon. I’ll be publishing a new story at the beginning of every week during April, by the way.