Pinball on the Plateau 2024

HI all! Time to mark your calendars for Pinball on the Plateau 2024

As you may or may not know, the IFPA World Championship will be held here June 7th-9th! So, this is a “stress-test” event for the Belsito barn in preparation for the IFPA Worlds this June.

3 tournaments across 2 days up on the Santa Rosa Plateau in Murrieta, Ca – May 4th and 5th!

100% payback of all entries (after $1/player to IFPA)

Maximum number of players @ this time is 64. (This may increase)

Registration for the Main tournament (Amazing Race) will be Sat April 13th at 11am.

Register here: Pinball on the Plateau • Match Play Events

**Please note that IFPA19 World Pinball Championship qualifiers will receive priority registration for the Main tournament. This includes anyone on this page (including below the cut line):

IFPA19 players wanting to attend the tournament need to contact Jonathan (binkley at gmail dot com) before pre-registration opens to confirm their spot. Please include your name and IFPA # in your message.

Once pre-registration opens, it’s first come first served via timestamps.

Also note that 6 slots (10% of 64 = 6.4 rounded down) have been reserved for staff.```

‘Strikes’ and ‘Pingolf’ tourneys will be onsite registration only.

Practice begins at 9am when doors open and will be allowed throughout the weekend, except on ‘finals’ games during the final rounds of any tournament. Its a stress-test weekend…so PLAY, PLAY, PLAY! =)

Main Tournament: Pinball on the Plateau – Amazing Race!
Cost: WPPR Rank 1-250: $40; WPPR Rank 251+:$25

64 players max

10 rounds of Tiered-Swiss matchplay, with the top 24 players moving on to the finals on Sunday. Finals format: Amazing Race

Qualification Rounds:

Players will be placed into four-player groups (occasionally three-player) to compete on an individual, randomly selected machine.
Points will be awarded based upon performance on that machine (7/5/3/1) and added to a running total for the tournament.

Final Rounds: Top 24 players qualify for finals.Top 8 receive a bye.

Modified Amazing Race format.

All players play single player games on the same machine and the lowest score is knocked out.

Top 8 qualifiers receive a bye and aren’t brought in until game #9.

Game #1: In the order of qualifying, each player will choose their initial starting point for the first game. The current lowest score stays at the machine, safe scores continue onto the next game. This process continues until game #9.

Game#9: Top 8 qualifiers are brought into the finals and the initial order of players is reorganized by player choice and the same format is followed as before until there is one player left who will be determined the winner.

Additional Amazing Race Finals Rules:

-There is a predetermined order in which games will be played.

-A player cannot advance to the queue of the next game until someone puts up a lower score on their current game.

-A player must play the next game in the order which they have advanced from the previous game.

Exceptions: 1. When top 8 players are brought in, the seeds are reorganized by player’s choice.

  1. When down to final 4 players, order of play for each game will be chosen again by qualifying standings.

-All players must plunge away any remaining balls once they have passed the current low score on that machine.

-If during the finals a machine becomes unplayable due to malfunction, then that game/round is removed from the finals and players will move onto the next game without anyone being eliminated on the affected machine. A backup machine may be chosen to take its place by TD discretion.

Sat Side Tournament: Pinball on the Plateau – Fair Strikes

Tournament begins 60 mins after the completion of the Main Tournament qualification rounds (around 7pm)

Standard Fair-Strikes Match Play format (0,1,1,2) – 7 strikes
Cost: WPPR Rank 1-250: $25; 251+:$15

64 players max

No Finals

Sunday Pingolf: Pinball on the Plateau – Pin Masters

Cost (per round of 9 holes): WPPR rank 1-250: $25; 251+:$15; 1 Rebuy allowed if spots available at 2nd tee time.

Qualifying begins at 9am (Doors open). 2 Tee-Times: 9am and 1pm. Qualifying rounds ends at 5:30pm. No new games started after 5:30pm.

Pin Master’s rules – 9 hole course. All games set to 5 balls; maximum hole score is 10.

Top 8 qualifiers move on to the finals. 2 groups of 4 players; 3 games per round.

Qualifying Round: Players will complete a round of 9 Pin-Holes during Qualifying. Each Pin-Hole will consist of a pinball machine with a target score. The number of balls it takes for the player to reach that target score will represent the number of Pin-Strokes earned for that hole. Should a player not reach the target score after a full game is completed, a stroke value will be determined based on how close the player was to the target score at the end of their game.

For example, the target score of CSI may be set at 10 million points. A player will continue playing the game until he reaches 10 million points. If reached, the number of balls it took to reach that score will be recorded for that Pin-Hole. If the player fails to reach the target score after 5 balls are played, they will be awarded a score based on how close they were to that target:

8,000,000 – 9,999,990 points = 6 strokes [80% of par]
6,000,000 – 7,999,990 points = 7 strokes [60% of par]
4,000,000 – 5,999,990 points = 8 strokes [40% of par]
2,000,000 – 3,999,990 points = 9 strokes [20% of par]
0 – 1,999,990 points = 10 strokes [<20% of par]

A maximum of 10 Pin-Strokes per Pin-Hole will be enforced.

Pin-Golf scoring will be used for all rounds, qualifying and finals, and for tie-breakers.

See the IFPA website for more info on Pin Masters rules and format.

Project Pinball Side Tournament - Game TBA, Format: TBA

Watch live at

Location: Murrieta, Ca 92562

We hope you can join us!


IFPA19 players wanting to attend the tournament need to contact Jonathan (binkley at gmail dot com) before per-registration opens to confirm their spot. Please include your name and IFPA # in your message.

Once per-registration opens, it’s a free for all and it’s first come first served via timestamps.

Nicely worded rules on the finals format :slight_smile: Curious what software you’re planning on using? I’ve never checked but does Matchplay’s amazing race allow for byes?

I just tested this in MatchPlay and you can add in players to the tournament and game (in this case game 9). You can then do a re-order of the queue on the game.

Other way is to do a part 1 and then when down to 8 players create a part 2 tourney with the top 8 seeds, re-order, and run.

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2 spots have opened up. Come join us!