Pinball Mods

Hey guys,

Wondering if anyone is interested in pinball mods?



I guess most people here are only interested in stuff that affects gameplay. I saw a tournament video where they made the left ramp of a Party Zone return to the pops rather than feed the left inlane. Most mods tend to be cosmetic things. On Pinside, they talk cosmetic mods all day long.

I don’t really add mods to my EMs as I like to keep them classic looking, but I love mods - aesthetic or functional - on my newer pinball games! As long as they’re tasteful, mods are a great way to creatively personalize as well as enhance a game’s enjoyability.

Color DMDs, speaker lights, undercab lights, LEDs, shakers, mirror blades, graphics, target decals, themed accessories, alternate translites, pop bumper caps, MDMs, colored rubbers, PinGulps, etc, - they’re all good!

Now I never knew those were called pingulps. Drink holder would be the generic name. Well, those are absolutely essential, yet seem to negatively affect my game…

Yes - I now consider beverage holders an essential add-on after having installed them on all my games and enjoying the benefits of doing so. No more spilled drinks like before when they had to set on a stool, the floor, etc. and much more convenient to have your drink at the ready for those limited pauses during gameplay.

One of the biggest bang for your buck accessories - I LOVE 'em! :kissing_heart:

I was at a tourney at someones house a while back who had drink holders on the pins. There was a particular player who knocked his beer bottle out onto the floor from hard nudging, not once but twice! I don’t think those holders were made for long neck beer bottles!

Makes me think of jiggling a ball out of an outlane.