Pinball Metallic Composition - Medical Urgent

There’s a dog in danger; perhaps someone here can help.

As some of you know, my wife is a veterinarian. She has a patient today that has swallowed a pinball or something much like it. The owners believe it’s from a game called “shoot the moon” where you try to move a ball up a pair of rails. I don’t know if that game uses pinballs or just something similar. The ball is no longer shiny silver, it’s been corroded black by digestive fluids. What she needs to know is if there’s any risk of exposure to toxic chemicals, e.g. something other than steel used to coat the ball. Any help is appreciated. Thanks!

I do believe that game does use a pinball. The one I have is showing signs of oxidation, so steel or iron most likely.

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Should be non-toxic, even with the exposure to the HCl in the stomach.

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I thought I remembered the ball being bigger than a pinball; one I found on Amazon says it’s 1.25" (vs a pinball being 1.0625"): This probably doesn’t matter for the situation at hand.

It just mentions “solid steel.”

Thanks, folks, I was assuming solid steel, too, but my wife wanted any confirmation she could get. Vets have found that some items have coatings that are harmless in hand but come out in stomach acid. You’d be amazed what dogs swallow!

“Benny” is doing better today.