Pinball Map Open Thread


Thanks for reaching out! And for adding your locations so quickly.

Not right now, no. Well, you can use the API, but that’s probably more work than you want.


How long does it usually take for a new submitted location to be set up? I’ve started putting machines in a new brewery in Louisville, and it’s been about a week since I’ve submitted it.


It depends on the map. But thanks for the heads up that this one’s taking a while. We’ll get it added very soon.


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Shoot! Every time I’ve been there (aside from during tournaments) the bar is completely empty. Like, no one even working behind the bar. So I figured they wouldn’t care, out notice, if minors were back there.


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Ah good. I thought you meant you drove there then got booted out. Do you know if they allow minors during the day? Sometimes places only enforce that during the evening.

I live like 30 minutes away. Even during rush hour, the carpool lane moves pretty fast.


I’ve seen the operator there once. That’s about it though.


Added a Memphis map

They seem to have a healthy, growing scene. Hosting regular tournaments, working on forming a league, etc.
If you live in the area and know of other places that aren’t yet on the Memphis map, please add them!


Updated the website.

We’re very excited to announce that we’ve added a user system to the site! This is something we’ve talked about implementing since very early on. And after nine years of chatting and over a year of developing, we’ve finally done it! We hope this helps the site maintain high quality submissions.

As a user, you can track your map contributions! Usernames are automatically attached to comments, high scores, and the like. Basically, if you edit a location, the location detail will note, in some form, that you made that edit. There are other little things, too: like, if you contact your regional admin you won’t have to input your name/email.

You can see an overview of your contributions on your Profile page. The Profile page displays:

  • of machines added to locations

  • of machines removed from locations

  • machine comments written

  • of new locations you’ve submitted

  • Locations edited

  • List of the locations you’ve edited (with links to them)
  • All your high scores

With this user system, the site/app is read-only for non-logged in users. When you log in, you can then add/remove machines to/from locations, leave comments, leave high scores, submit locations, etc.

How the user system benefits our admins

In the past we had very little control over abusive behavior. This was by design: 1) the site is designed to be very simple, with very few hurdles to jump; 2) we knew that people who love pinball are generally really NICE! Being nice, and given that the site exists as a helpful tool, we were hopeful that people wouldn’t mess with the data. By and large, this has been very true. We put a lot of power in your hands, and in the 9 years we’ve been doing this there has been just a handful of abuse. But when it does happen, we have very little control over it. So, with this new system each action is tied to a user that we can contact or ban.

I’d be happy to answer any questions.

Website update overview:

We began working on this update over a year ago. During this process we knocked out lots of bugs, tweaked things, added new features, and redesigned the entire website. On the website alone (e.g. not including the android and iOS apps) we committed code more than 450 times! So, what follows is a brief overview of the update.

If you find a bug or something, please let us know!

  • Added profile pages, and all the user-based stuff

  • Redesign. The brown color scheme with the hard to read text is totally kaput. In its place we’ve designed a clean, light theme. We hope you like it! The bones of the layout are still pretty similar - this redesign is mostly a new set of clothes. But we focused hard on getting every little detail to look nice. We tightened up the mobile site, too. It can be tough to design sites for all the different devices out there, so if you see anything that looks wack, let us know.

  • SSL. For secure logins and all.

  • Added a “Night Mode” option for the map display. If viewing the site from a mobile browser, this is enabled by default at night (but you can toggle it off). Just like google maps. It’s not enabled by default at night on a desktop browser, but you can toggle it ON!

  • Added a bookmark for searches. Say you search for all the machines for an operator, or in a city, or in a Zone, or all the machines at pizza places - now you’ll see a little link hovering over the corner of the map, called, “Link to this Search Result”. If you copy that, it’s a direct link to that search you just conducted. So you can easily share that link with people, or just bookmark it so you can quickly bring up those results. Here’s an example of an operator lookup.

  • Added some new, user-related items to the FAQ

  • Updated the privacy policy

Donate to Pinball Map

We added a donate page. We don’t have ads on the site, and the apps are free. In the past there were low costs to operate everything. But those costs have risen as the site has grown. So, rather than include ads to help us pay the infrastructure costs, we’re soliciting donations.

To see more details and/or to donate, visit the Donate page. Any overage will be used to sponsor tournaments. Thank you!!!

App updates will be released this weekend!


We updated the app this weekend (Android and iOS)!

Blog post.

Pinball Map 4.0.0 on the iOS App Store.

Here’s a changelog of the things we added to the iOS app:

  • User system
  • Profile Page
  • Sort locations by operator
  • Store page
  • High scores for a machine sort by score
  • “Recently Updated” section lists 25 updates instead of 10, and includes the date
  • Misc things
  • Bug fixes

Pinball Map 4.0 on the Google Play Store.

Here’s a changelog of the things we added to the Android app:

  • User system
  • Profile page
  • Enter high scores
  • Lookup by operator
  • Lookup by city
  • Donate page
  • Store page
  • Include distance on Location Detail page
  • New icon
  • Style update
  • Misc things
  • Bug fixes


Excited to try this but latest version in play store is what I’m currently running (2.2) last updated in 2015. I’m on Android 6.0.1


If you visit the play store website while not logged into Google, it will say 2.2. I don’t know why. If you check on the play store app, it should show the latest.

Maybe they’re still propagating it to the servers, or something.


I’m logged in, on my phone, current app installed, go to store, no update available


Wasn’t showing up for an update this afternoon, but it’s updating now. Time to pick a username, huh!


Update showed up. Dling now


Just released version 4.0.1 of the Pinball Map iOS app.

This update includes:

  • Sort by Operator
  • Location details will display Operator name (and you can add/change the operator)
  • Events page now has three tabs: Today, Upcoming, Ongoing
  • Location detail now displays the most recent machine comment (years ago we accidentally removed this from the app, and you were outraged, so we added it back in immediately; THEN we accidentally removed it again with the 4.0.0 update. So now it’s back again).
  • Region Info displays the correct number of locations and machines in the region
  • Fixed the app feedback form

Keep track of what we’re up to with the iOS app here.

Note to API users: If you’re WRITING through the API, please get in touch because you’re about to lose write access. We’ll have to give you an auth token.

Fun fact: people misspell their own email address quite often. I’ve counted 15 cases of misspelled emails from registered users. If an email can’t be delivered, then they can’t confirm their accounts. For most of those cases, I’ve identified the obvious errors and fixed them. But some are hopeless.


Changed the Central Indiana region to be Indiana.
Changed the Burlington region to be Vermont.

Fixed the bug that was causing changed region names to be screwed up in the iOS app (the region would just disappear). Ran this fix-it script for all the other regions that have had name changes in the past (just in case any users were still experiencing this issue): Massachusetts, West Michigan, Oklahoma, Wisconsin. Hope I’m not forgetting any…

Other: On the website, when you suggest a location, the “machines” field now autocompletes machine names. This makes submissions easier and the results more standardized.


We added two new regions:

Youngstown is kicking butt already, with 16 locations and 23 machines. It’s administerminated by @Spiritof76ten! If you live in that realm, please help keep the map up to date!

Hawaii is not kicking butt yet. HOWEVER! Someone asked, and so I added it. I thought it would be cool to have that lil state on there. Hopefully more spots are added soon! I’ve heard that Jerry’s Pizza on Oahu has a couple machines, but I haven’t confirmed it yet.


I noticed that on the site, 82 seems to have been reduced to just 4 machines. But when I visited that place on Sunday, I saw the full lineup, the same as it ever was. Any idea what’s going on, why most of the machines were removed from the list? I’d like to add them back in, but I’d also like to know if there was any reason they were removed so I don’t get caught in an edit war.

For the record, the Los Angeles Pinball Map lists Fish Tales, Mousin’ Around!, Stars, and The Walking Dead.

When I visited on April 2nd, also present were Attack from Mars, The Avengers (Hulk, I think), Banzai Run, Bram Stoker’s Dracula, Capersville, Creature from the Black Lagoon, Diamond Lady, Diner, Dolly Parton, Eight Ball Deluxe, Funhouse, Game of Thrones (normal), Ghostbusters (normal), Iron Man (original), Medieval Madness (Williams), Metallica (normal), Paragon, TRON Legacy (normal), Whirlwind, and WWF Royal Rumble.

Of the four games listed, Fish Tales and Stars were not there.

Oddly, the most recent edit to the place was on April 3rd, of which I’m not sure what it is.