Pinball Map Open Thread


Added Raleigh-Durham. No content yet.


@travam or @kayluh Do you know anything about a place called The Goat, on Greenwood Ave? Someone just submitted it, to be added (they didn’t include the full address).

Line-up: Star Wars
Rescue 911
Fish tales
Power play
Cue ball wizard

But I can’t find any info about this place. There used to be a restaurant called The Stumbling Goat on Greenwood Ave, but it closed a couple months ago. Not sure if they’re re-opening as a bar, or what.


Who would make up that lineup???


Ha. My concern isn’t that it’s a fake line-up; it’s that the place isn’t open yet. Folks yell at me when I add locations that aren’t yet open.


Huh haven’t heard anything about that. We do have some new operators popping up around town though.


Sounds like a JP and Dominique lineup, they own every boat anchor listed.


Taxi is not a boat anchor!

Although Mostly Goats may have been a better name for the place.


We changed the Burlington map to be the Vermont map.

Dev status update: we’re gunning for a mid-December big update to the site/app. This update will: add a user system; add a number of new features to the Android app (basically catching it up with the website/iOS app); re-theme the Android app and the website (not quite a website redesign, but still a significant retheme). Stay tuned!


I asked the rest of the Skill Shot guys and no one has heard anything about this place. I don’t think it’s real, though Kevin is right that it does sounds like a Dom/JP line-up. Darn, I was really looking forward to a Rescue 911 on location again. :expressionless:


Well, thanks for thinking about it, @kayluh, @KCB, and @travam! Perhaps it’s a place that’s still in the works. We’ll see.

With the next site update, we’ll always have a point of contact for anyone submitting locations. So we can then be like, “r u 4 real?” But for now, the email address field is optional.


Looks like it is a real place after all. Got this link posted on the Skill Shot FB today:


Well then! Thanks for confirming what I knew in my heart to be a true thing.

They didn’t specify which Star Wars they have, so I just guessed that it’s the Data East.


Looks like the Sega in the pic.


Guh, oh yeah, totally. I was looking at that photo to try to figure it out, but then my brain turned off.


I was having a hard time figuring that out because the picture is pretty bad. Too much white light. But then I saw the trademark curved backbox. Dead give away.


Question about this: on my iOS app, the new Vermont region doesn’t show up, and the old Burlington region has 0 machines and 0 locations. Is there a way I can update this on my app, or is there a fix coming with the December update? Thanks!


This is something we thought we’d fixed in the last update. And we did fix it for when regions are split into new ones, but now I see that there’s still a problem when we merely change the name. So yes, this is now something that will be addressed in the next update! For now, I’ve reverted the region name back to Burlington (and that fixes the issue. another way to fix the issue would have been to uninstall and reinstall the app, but that’s obviously not a good solution).

Thanks for bringing this to our attention. Sorry about the problem.


We added a Columbia, MO, pinball map!

Currently tracking 9 locations, 27 machines.


Thanks again, added all of our locations!


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