Pinball is part of Oklahoma's version of the Winter Olympics

I’m disappointed to learn that Pickleball involves no actual pickles.

Michigan was actually the first to have one this summer ;). Pinball will also be a part of the state games of America in 2017 in Grand Rapids, Michigan! Excited to be running it.

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I’m intrigued by the idea of pinball being part of these types of events. How did Oklahoma and Michigan go about getting admitted to their respective games? Are there more states where pinball is included?

This could serve as a stepping stone to finally becoming an Olympic sport! Who knows? Early snowboarders didn’t think they’d ever be in the Olympics and look at that sport today. I’m voting for Bowen to carry the flag!

How did I just find this thread! I need to log in more often;)

One of our members is a local Table Tennis legend and had competed in the State Games in that sport. He contacted the administrators and we met with them(I’m the TD) and gave them our proposal. They were very receptive and seemed excited about adding pinball to their event schedule. I can’t remember how many states have these sort of events but I would encourage anyone who is interested to check in to the possibility.

I interned with the State Games of Michigan and the director of the National Games. I believe there are around 20+ state games. Some are in pinball wastelands though. Saying that, I encourage everyone to give it a try! We had 80+ in our state games event. We had lots of first timers and had a women, seniors, 3 junior divisions, classics, main A division and B division. People really liked it and we plan to run another one this year.

Also like I mentioned before, there will be a chance to win a National medal in the State Games of America in Grand Rapids, MI.

Never heard of state games anywhere here in the northeast.