Pinball in Portugal

I am pretty sure I have exhausted sources for finding pinball in Portugal, but I thought I would ask here.

We are moving there in a month, and wanted to connect with people in Portugal (we will be living in Porto).

Please tell them there are people who have machines or at least know where to go to play (even if it’s out of the country but in other parts of Europe).

Euro pinball map is showing four public locations in Portugal.

I was in lisbon in april and found / added the walking dead entry at cave rock in bairro alto. But check , there are several ppl with some good/bigger collections :slight_smile: and enjoy the beautiful country!

Wow! Never thought I would see Portugal mentioned here. I am going to be moving to Portugal in July. We should continue chatting in the DMs!

I’m planning on bringing my machines to the country when I move there. I am hoping to be able to bring enough to be able to host a small league. :smile:

Not sure if my reply via email got to you… my email is I don’t often sign on here.

Anyway, where are you moving to? I’m in Porto. Also, what machines do you have? I’m afraid machines around here are rare. I have found 4 total in the Porto area. One is very close to me: an NBA that is in pretty good shape. Two in Cedafeita that I happened across: Star Trek (the new stern) and a Family Guy. Both in okay shape. Also, a street fighter that was unplayable. I am spoiled coming from Portland where machines are everywhere, so it would be nice to connect with someone else who plays. (BTW, the expat community here, in general, is amazing.)

BTW, if you are going to be in Portugal in April, there is a tournament in Barcelona at the end of the month. Its called TBAP. Registration is today (Jan 6th at noon their time).

Also, very curious… what machines are you bringing, and how are you bringing them?

Yah the reply via email didn’t seem to go through for some reason. I’ll send a direct email instead.

Right now I have a BSD and a IMDN pro, but I am looking to pickup a few more before I head across the sea. I haven’t really looked into the whole shipping business yet, but the idea would be that since we are already going to be moving over so much stuff anyway, I would likely just purchase a shipping container and then move them over in that.

Nice. Be careful with shipping. I’ve heard that Portugal will charge you an arm and a leg for bringing electronics in. I hear that people ship through Rotterdam to avoid the fees. But we didn’t ship anything, so I’m no expert.

Where are you moving too?

Pinball Map lists 3 spots in/near Porto. That’s it for the entire country on pinball map.