Pinball Halloween Costumes


Happy Halloween, pinheads. Show us your pinball-themed costumes!

My offerings - Genesis inspired mad scientist, and Raven.


This year was AHHH-SOME.


From a couple of years ago…


You guys are WAY COOL!! And you totally rocked it. Here’s my Dr. Dude on a conference call yesterday.


Seattle’s costume award for best pinball character would go to Rudy (Alyson Rae)

(photo credit: Skill Shot)


This was the best costume I saw durning Halloween night.


Anyone else do pinball-themed Halloween costumes this year? I’d love to see them! Here’s Algar:


Two of the costumes at the last Pinholics Anonymous tournament. Eight Ball Champ and Wednesday from Addams Family (they both won translites). Rob (on the left) also had his pool stick in hand all night except when playing.