Pinball Expo '94!

Jonny O from the Bay Area posted this:

Looks like the Pinball Expo '94 website, or a copy of it, is still on the Web.

Greg @heyrocker may especially enjoy this page:

Awesome. Unfortunately two years before I started doing shows.

Ask me about the Ramada!

Alright! I can’t take the suspense! What about the Ramada?

Wish I could still visit the “Pinball Pasture”

This is the Internet! Nothing ever truly disappears.

how could i forget about the wayback machine?? thanks BK

What is the oldest league that is still running? PPL? Oldest league known that is no longer running?

FSPA (Free State Pinball Association, Washington DC/Maryland/Virginia) will be celebrating our 20th year this summer.

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BAPA’s been running since 1994, I’m not sure if there were any breaks in the middle. The PAPA leagues definitely predate it.

Pinball Expo 1994 site creator here.

For a little while this site was actually up there with the legendary sites like Space Jam and (don’t believe me?).

I hand-edited the entire thing on a Windows 3.1 machine using MSPaint, Notepad, and Chamemelon TCP/IP.

I was gonna host this at Bianca’s Smut Shack (one of the websites in Chicago at the time that actually grokked the whole WWW thing), but she turned me down. That’s why I had a link to her website in there.

Thankfully David Byers at Lysator (the computer club of Linköping University in Linköping, Sweden) offered me hosting space on their server. Nobody ever thought to take it down afterwards. Maybe David has more of that story.

Steve Baumgarten brought his brand new Apple QuickTake 100 camera and we found a way to get those first digital pictures online. That was more amazing to me at the time than the website.

Expo 1994 was also special to me because that was where Ted Estes handed me a job offer to work at Williams programming games.

As far as I know, this is the original site. It was down for a while but maybe the kids at Linköping bought it back in hopes of eventually beating out Space Jam as the oldest still-running site. We’ll see…


My first Expo as a manufacturer. Good times!

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Expo Party!!

Yeah, the Expo Party. Let’s not get into that. OR MAYBE WE SHOULD.

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Expo 94 was my first time meeting many of the pinball people I still know today, after getting to meet some of the Wms crew at ACME 94.

For an in-room party at a Travelodge, that was pretty awesome.