Pinball Elbow

More of a long-term solution (though I noticed effects in a few months) is making brown rice your staple carb source. It does wonders for reducing inflammation. I read about it in a book called Healing With Whole Foods by Paul Pitchford. Apparently it’s highest in Magnesium and Selenium which aid in nutrient absorption.
My rice cooker is tied with my pinball machine for favorite manmade objects.

Interesting. We do a reduced sugar/whole food diet so rice is often my go to carb, I’ll look into brown rice. Are there different types?

I had to go see my sports doctor over a knee issue and brought up my elbow pain. I’m now in PT for both the knee and elbow. For the elbow I’m doing negative wrist lifts with an isometric pause after 15 reps. Basically take a 3-5lb weight and hold it in in your hand as you support your forearm on a flat surface. Do a controlled lowering of the wrist while loosely holding the weight. Once in the lower position use the opposite hand to assist in lifting the weight back into the starting position. I’ve been doing 15 reps for 3 sets. At the end of each set hold the weight level with the forearm and hold for 30 seconds. These are suppose to help with strengthening and healing the affected connective tissue.
Figured I’d share if someone else is having similar pain.