Pinball Done Quick

I’ve been kicking the idea around for a year and I’d like to get a conversation going about Pinball Done Quick.

This idea grew out of the video-game speed running community at an event last year called Awesome Games Done Quick (AGDQ) its where Kevin Birrell played the best game of tetris ever.

Pinball Done Quick or Pins Done Quick or PDQ is simply timing an attempt on a game to reach an objective, such as the wizard mode or super jackpot.

In order to make it accessible to all, the rules included

  1. set the game to factory defaults
  2. set a fair tilt
  3. start the timer when the ball leaves the shooter lane, or is plunged
  4. stop the timer when at a certain event on the DMD.

It’s a basic outline and I hope with everyone’s help this could be something we do and develop a audience for. I see a future where PDQ is the type of pinball that gets on ESPN.

  • its time limited
  • the path to success is somewhat linear

What do you guys think?
Thank you
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Additionally, I will be at AGDQ this January 3rd to 10th with Jack Danger, Steve Bowden, Chris Newsom, Austin Mackert and Drew Cedolia hosting the Pinball ONLY official side-stream.

We’ll be mostly doing Pinball Done Quick and having some of the video-game speed runners trying out pinball… some of them for the first time.

We could have over a million views if things go well.

It will be broadcasted from my channel at:

follow me.

I think all games in PDQ should be set to the maximum number of balls (10 I think for DMDs), that way players can actually focus on strategy for what’s the fastest way to do a task (rule the universe, monsters of rock, etc.) instead of having to worry about draining all the time. Or at least maybe have it be a separate “class” of speedruns (like any% vs 100%, could have “3 ball” vs “10ball”.


There’s a big pitfall with adjusting settings as there’s not a way to know what the settings were after the game has been played. I feel like a fast setup is to reset to factory, maybe change to free play, maybe adjust volume and play. Factory is the same game to game, if the software version is the same, which can be confirmed after a successful run by turning the game on and off again.

I also feel that these restrictions, in an attempt to standardize the challenge, makes it unappealing. So my inclination is to not care about settings and let people do whatever they want. I feel like with that attitude we’ll encourage participation and therefore we’ll get more data as to what is fun to watch.

fun way to play and a good way to dial in sequential shooting.

I’m stoked about the event this year! Last year was a blast.

It’s not a bad idea, but the issue that arises is I think most wizard modes are pretty attainable in three-ball play, negating the need to boost the ball count. Maybe on some of those games with seemingly mythical wizard modes (DoD MB on Iron Man, Super Duper Wizard Mode on TSPP, etc), there could be sub-categories.

I think the most enjoyable aspect of this format however is the smaller goals. Fastest to Super Jackpot during Disc Mulltiball on Tron last year was fun, as was the first to Total Annihilation on AFM, among other things.

I did really enjoy the “smaller” goals as well. Something that is attainable by brute force by just about anyone. A good time however would take serious practice and be really impressive to watch.

Our biggest key this year will be to get the lighting down.


I’m beyond excited for this.