Pinball Challenges

You’ve set the GC, you’ve done it all. Now, what do you do for fun?

I thought I’d try to crowd source and compile a list of fun, stylish, or outright hard things to do on various machines.

I’ll start with a few…

  • Guardians of the Galaxy 0.87 - Collect a 1B Orb Super.
  • Dialed In! - Hold every feature. Bonus points if you hold all the holds!
  • Fish Tales - Boost “Sell Yer Gear” to 10M. Collect over 100M from the LIE lanes in one ball.
  • Firepower - Complete 1-6 in 4 shots. Can be even done in 3 without help from the pop bumpers, even!

Paragon - Trap ball on left, hold right flipper button, tap pass into “field goal” between the split flippers. Max score of 3 per game. Harder than it sounds, I think.

Fireball - Skill shot king of the hill. Start with a group of people; anyone who makes a skill shot keeps playing. Winner is last person left standing.


Medieval Madness - as many Barnyard Multiballs as you can manage. My record is 4 in one game.

Walking Dead (pro) - complete Last Man Standing. Even getting to it is just shy of impossible.

One for style points on AFM is to not just start TA with the billion hurry-up but to sequence it so that the final shot is the one that finishes your “five-way-combo” saucer light. I also like going for 100+ Martian kills as a change from RTU.

Speaking of RTU, here’s one: finish RTU with just the three ramps and the martians. Stray city hits permitted, but not through the Mars hole, and definitely no orbits / pops.

On TOTAN, it’d be nice if there was a timer on Battle the Genie that recorded battle times so you could track both shortest and longest battle victories. I’ve milked it for points for several minutes, but never actually timed it. And since you can’t cradle for long without starting to lose the battle, it really is a skill test.

On SST, collecting 1B or more in bonus. Takes two hold bonuses plus a long ball with a high bonus multiplier on all three balls.

Two of my favorite hard-but-not-ludicrous-hard [like Last Man Standing] are on MB: getting the “flying 6’s” when you start Frankie while all five other monster modes are running and reaching Lyman’s Lament on scoops. Lyman’s seems to be the harder of the two. I know people who own MBs and weren’t aware of the former until I told them about it and had never seen the latter outside of the flipper cheat. The Frankie one also gives you a decent shot at the “Rock-before-Bash” bonus.

What would be a suitably high TZ Battle-the-Power target?

50M on mine. High enough to be possible (on 1M’s, of course) but quite challenging.

POTC: Get at least one Gauntlet point.

Single Power or over multiple? I can see someone lining up 4 Powers and running them in succession.

Oh, speaking of that - one-flip Power kills are stylish AND fun.

Metallica Prem, start coffin MB before any other MBs (done it once). You can’t stray left or right more than a couple of times or you end up starting Sparky or Snake.

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Taylor from This Flippin’ Podcast and I had a challenge to complete the Attack From Mars blue insert goals (for RTU) in order from left to right. It’s pretty challenging and a ton of fun. Gotta try hard to avoid Super Pops and combos until it’s time.