Pinball Art Prints

One of the things that attracts me to pinball as a hobby is the artwork. Bright colours and flashy graphics that really draw you into the machine.

Another of my passions is screenprinting. For many years I produced art for various international bands and produced gig posters for their tours, mostly here in Toronto but for venues around the world.

While setting up my gameroom, I struggled to find pinball-themed artwork that really complimented my games. From that, I realized I could combine the two worlds by commissioning a series of art prints on
the theme of pinball, featuring an international group of top designers and illustrators.

Our first series is now available, featuring work by Luke Drozd, Graham Pilling and Drew Millward.

Each print is hand made using the silkscreen process, rather than digitally printed, which allows for more vibrant, solid colors - the same process used to make the backglasses and playfields in the machines we all collect. As such, the print edition is limited to only 100 copies of the regular edition and 20 copies of a holographic foil variant. Each is hand-numbered, and includes a Certificate of Authenticity.