Pinball Announcement Day Bingo

I think I had a full card by 9:30 am today,


Wait, this was take-a-shot bingo right? Because I’m out of tequila now


One of my favorite things about this forum is that there’s nearly zero posting about new game announcements.


There’s “Dad Rock” themes so why not “Dad Pop Culture Icon” themes too?

TBH I <3 Elvira and own on actual physical media some of her shows/movies so I got no hate for this particular IP haha

I miss the days before the internet when no one knew what the next game was and you didn’t find out until you walked into the arcade. That was fun.

The plus side is that I’ve learned a hell of a lot from forums like this. With not many top players in my area any more, that’s priceless. Especially when you consider how ridiculously deep games are getting lately. Thanks to Greg and everyone else that contributes.


Hey, B-horror movies are eternal. I’m just looking forward to finally seeing Santa Claus Conquers the Martians on a pinball machine.

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