Pin-Masters travel advice

I am still thinking of potentially going to the Pin-Masters but the travel cost that weekend sure are a killer…

Anyone has a good deal to recommend for the hotel or someone in dire need of a nice room mate?

I am thinking doing the short version with a morning flight on Friday (land at 3PM) and a “name your own price” flight back on Monday.

Where are you coming from? I was able to get okay flight prices from SFO, though not great. My plan for hotel is to book something refundable soon, then check HotelTonight for better deals as the time gets closer.

Last year we stayed downtown at The Plaza and it was wayyyy cheaper, even with the additional need for a rental car. That downtown area tends to have much better prices than anywhere else in town.

Looks like the Plaza is fully booked. I have been looking around and not finding anything half decent under $100+

I flying from Seattle, things are pretty full already. Never tried hoteltonight but doesn’t look like that works on Windows Phone…

or try AirBnB as well! I use it if hotels are all booked up (and am using it for this trip): (if you use this link you get $20 credit :slight_smile:

thanks Gene, always forget about that one… I am just a French guy who is used to hotel the old fashion way :wink:

Everything that’s even rated “tolerable” under $120 is gone from what I could see. If you’re willing to drive 40-45 minutes, there are 3 “not too bad” casinos in Primm, NV that all still have rooms from $44-$94. [Primm is on I-15 at the CA-NV line.] Even my usual downtown haunts are over $200 now.

Another option is to see if you can find a room with frequent guest points if you have enough. Not likely this late, but you never know.

One other far-out option would be to rent a small RV for both vehicle and room. Plenty of campgrounds in town.

There’s always Tim’s trailer behind the PHoF.

The going rate is $0, but he does yell at you the entire night :slight_smile:


sounds risky, if I sleep talk and say “Tilt” I may get the boot in the middle of the night :wink:


Not sure what your price range is, but I’m seeing selling the Excalibur for $160/night plus resort fee ($30 per night) and tax, for Thursday to Sunday. Not a bargain by any means, but better than a lot of the other rates for this and other hotels that I’ve been seeing. It’s also relatively close to the PHoF.

thanks unfortunately, my proposal was duly shot down by the home office. I am just going to have to sob in front of Karl’s stream instead, GL all!

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I just got back from Vegas for non-pinball related activities, and would highly recommend Lyft or Uber for getting around. A normal cab ride from strip to downtown used to be around $30, with Lyft it was generally $10.

No idea of rates, but was really pleased with staying at the Downtown Grand. Anything will be sky high with the NCAA tournament starting.

And the Crown and Anchor pub just down the street is a solid food option.

Oh forgot to mention on Thursday night if you aren’t still playing for a National/North American or World title, I’m hosting a tournament over at Flipperspiel. Great games there and details are posted here:

On Sat night a team tournament too for cash and glory (but no WPPRs):


Downtown Grand is one place I go to when rates are otherwise high, but this time, they’re over $200 as well. Of course, everything is back to normal pricing Sunday night.