Pin Headz Pinball Trivia game Tuesday Aug 11th

Starts at 9PM EST takes about an hour. $12 cash prize. We do it over Google meet and also use The questions are all pinball related.

This is presented and sponsored by Pin Headz, which is my monthly pinball zine. Issue #8 recently was released. Digital version is available here.

Hope to see some new faces!


Lots of fun and very well done. Come play!

I’ll be without internet access (or cell reception) that night, but sounds like fun! I’ll keep an eye open for future events.


Trivia tonight! Come play!

wasn’t able to access on fb (non-member) nor google meet; myquiz required a code number, none was given.

You shouldn’t need a Facebook account to access those details. But you do need a Google account to use Google Meet. I’m not sure of any free video conferencing applications that do not require a login. Thanks for trying to come. Love suggestions on how to make this better. Sorry you were not able to join us.

Edit: actually I don’t think you need a Google account to use meet. You would need a webcam, which I’ve never made clear. These games are more complicated to set up than it appears. I’m still learning.

What happened when you clicked on the google meet link? (Probably should post that for the non FB people) Once you’re on the google meet call you’ll be good to go.

If you try next time, get on the video call at 8:45 or 8:50 so we can help you get set up.

But like Chad said you’ll need a webcam. Most laptops have them built in.

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Any chance of posting the questions here, for those people who were unable to take part?

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Here are the first 12 of the qualifying round. Eventually I want to get the old games online where you can play solo on demand. I found an app that lets you do that but haven’t played with it yet.

1 Which of these games sold the most units?
Twilight Zone
Star Trek: The Next Generation
F-14 Tomcat

TZ 15k, TNG 11k, F-14 14k, Flash 19k

2 How many major objectives do you need to complete on Attack From Mars to light Rule the Universe?

3 This Steve Ritchie game came out in 1995?
Dirty Harry
No Fear: Dangerous Sports
Johnny Mnemonic

4 On Theater of Magic which of these is NOT one of the 8 illusions?
Hat Magic
Tiger Saw
Rope Trick
Levitating Woman

5 According to the Internet Pinball Database, which of these Data East v2 games sold the most units?
Torpedo Alley
Monday Night Football
Phantom of the Opera

6 Which of these is a real game being released (someday) by Deeproot Pinball?
Brothers Grimm
Retro Atomic Zombie Adventureland
Revenge of the Pharaohs
Esmerelda and the Strawberry Princess

7 Which month will Pinburgh 2021 be held in?

8 What is the name of the new 2019 Elvira game from Stern?
Elvira and the Party Monsters
Scared Stiffer
Elvira’s House of Horrors
Elvira’s Adventureland

9 As of August 11th @pinHeadMag has 72 followers on Twitter. @spookyPinball has 1,327. @DeadFlip has 5,863. Approximately How many does @SternPinballInc have?

10 On Keith Elwin (as far as I know) is the only player without any negative player vs player win/loss totals. Who has he competed against the most according to this list?
Trent Augenstein
Jim Belsito
Bob Matthews
Cayle George

Jim Belsito : (119-40-4) Trent Augenstein : (112-28-6)

11 In Stern’s 2019 Jurassic Park, how do you get the Amber Add-a-ball when you are in Chaos Multiball?
Pop Bumper Hits
Jeep Hits
Center Spinner
Spell Chaos

12 What month and year was the first issue of Pin Headz released?
Jan 2019
Jan 2020
Feb 2020
March 2020

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6 is a trick question


And #7 is now an irrelevant question. :wink:


Pinball Trivia is back! Tomorrow (Tuesday 12/8) at 9pm ET.
Details on Facebook

Or just show up in the Google Meet at 9pm