Pin Headz Pinball Trivia Game Oct 13th 9PM ET

Virtual pinball trivia. We connect over Google Meet and use Questions are all pinball related. Rules, production details, designers, history and even some audio questions.

You don’t NEED a webcam but it’s more fun. We will do 20 or so questions for qualifying. Then top 6 will compete in finals, which will be a 10 question fast paced round with more difficult questions. Winner gets a 6 month subscription to Pin Headz (pinball zine) - (outside the USA I’ll do a 4 month sub)

We will meet at 9pm and I will go over rules. Game will start around 9:10pm and it will be over by 10pm. Let me know if you have any questions.


No webcam needed but you’ll need a mic at least I believe.

Since I am doing the finals on myQuiz as well you COULD get by w/o either, but what fun is winning if you can’t crow about it to the losers! haha. And smack talk in chat isn’t nearly as effective.

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Agreed. Cool. Just making sure in case anyone was thinking of going the lame route and not calling in or participating in person.

Link to the game will be shared in the Google Meet meeting. Would be tough to even know when it was starting w/o being in the call. Tried to make it as accessible as possible. I’ll still do some cam required games in the future so we can have live interactive finals like we have done in the past.

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If you want to get a taste for the types of questions I made a trivia game on Kahoot using old pinball trivia questions.

New link (same game)

ANM won the first copy of the game.

It only allows for 10 players, but if it fills up I’ll create a new one. This game runs until Tuesday at 9pm when the live game starts! Thanks to Joe Ciaravino who recently made a game about Jersey Jack using Kahoot. I’d never heard of it before.