Pin-Brawl Scoring

Looking for suggestions for scoring a Pin-Brawl tournament this coming Saturday. First time doing this at The Pinball Asylum, and I don’t have access to the previous TD’s scoresheets.

Will be playing five rounds of three games each for this one day tournament. Total of thirty (30) games to choose from. A team chooses one EM, one SS, and one DMD for each round. A team cannot choose the same game more than once during the span of the tournament.

Was thinking of just using MatchPlay, and then manually adding each of the two teammates scores together in a four-player match. Any better ideas or suggestions?

Is it possible to use a 4,3,2,1 papa scoring and avoid adding game scores and adding papa points instead? I like the 4,3,2,1 scoring as it allows teams to play for a tie with a 2nd and 3rd and still rewards a 1st place finish as a minimum of a tie putting some pressure on his/her partner to finish better than 4th for a win. This also may work well when you have teams with an A player and a B/C player.

Thanks #Moscaturf for the suggestion! I was weighing using the PAPA-scoring option too, but thought that just adding the scores might be a “purer” concept of the “team scoring.” Certainly PAPA scoring would be easier to do, and does allow for some strategic advantages. Anyone have experience running a Pin-Brawl who wants to chime in? Appreciate any suggestions!

I would also consider using an accumulative papa points total for each team rather than a win-loss total. Top 4 teams after the qualifying rounds advance. Tiebreakers, if needed, could be win-loss totals or play a tiebreaker or use other data. I enjoy a tiebreaker match if time permits. Once the qualifying rounds are complete and the final teams are set, changing the finals format can be considered. Lots of ways to do it. If the pinbrawl is offering ifpa points, be sure to be inline with ifpa expectations. I am assuming team selection is managed to promote good competition? If thats the case, same thinking should be put into the points system.

You can do what we do for our Monday night leagues: each person on a team gets one point for each person on the other team they beat, and then there’s one bonus point for combined score.

Player 1 (team A): 9 mil
Player 2 (team B): 5 mil
Player 3 (team A): 4 mi
Player 4 (team B): 6 mil

Team A gets 2 points because player 1 beat player 2 and 4, and then team A gets one bonus point for combined score (13 mil vs 11 mil)

Team A: 3 point team B: 2 points

I was actually able to find the original scoring used by the The Pinball Asylum TD in previous years. Supposedly, this was based on Josh Sharpe’s original Pin-Brawl. See what you guys think of this:

"Scoring will be 7 points for 1st place and 3 points for 2nd place. An additional point will be given to for the highest player’s score. After the round is completed, both scores from each team will be added up and the team with the higher total overall score will receive additional 5 points. "

Not sure I really understand the extra one point awarded each round.

It seems to be 1 point awarded to the player with the highest score for that game. The point could be won by either team regardless of the overall finish. Bonus points are good but they do increase the scoring difficulty some. The 5 point bonus seems a little high but probably works in a certain environment.

Thank you #Theguyoverthere-- and #Moscaturf again. In reviewing with my co-TD we’ve decided that the previous scoring is too complicated. We are going to go with a simple 4-3-2-1 PAPA scoring. I’ll post here afterwards and let you guys know how it went. David

One last comment:

Using a bonus point system for the final qualifying round, gives teams the the ability to climb back into a qualifying spot.

Some teams who may have mathematically fallen out of a finals qualification spot after 4 rounds, may still have a chance in round 5 if bonus points are available in a 5th and final qualifying round. It will complicate scoring for the 5th and final qualifying round but it will give some teams a mathematical incentive.

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