Pearl’d Up Podcast with Jason Zahler

One of the members of the Delaware Pinball Collective, the legendary Steven Pawley, hosts a podcast called Pearl’d Up Podcast and this week on his podcast he is joined by another member of the DPC, #1 world player in the world, and current World Champion, Jason Zahler! Check it out!

Primo Pawley:

I host a podcast entitled “ConeVersations w/Pawley Primo”; most recently I sat down with IFPA Ranked #1 Pinball Player & IFPA 19 Champion, Jason Zahler for a candid talk about what its like competing in the world of competetive pinball. This was Jasons first full length podcast appearance & I feel this is a great interview and this is something the community of pinball would definitely love to hear!
Thank you!

In this Premium edition of ConeVersations, Pawley sits down with Jason Zahler, the reigning #1 Pinball player worldwide and 2024 IFPA World Champion [International Flipper Pinball Assocation]. Together, they delve into the exhilarating world of competitive pinball, exploring training regimens, top game picks, and life beyond the arcade. For the first time, Jason candidly shares his secrets to achieving high scores and offers his perspective on the future of competitive pinball. Join us as Jason reveals the mental fortitude and preparation required to avoid ‘tilting’ during grueling 11+ hour World Championships. Grab your favorite pinball machine, ready player 1, and plunge away as we embark on a multiball of riveting topics in this latest installment of ConeVersations!

This premieres TODAY, 7/9/24 on SPOTIFY! Thank you!!

Great idea. Good luck with the podcast.