PATL Returns - Pinball at the LAB Match Play Classic!

What’s there to discuss? The virus still exists. People are still going to get it. No one is forced to attend any pinball event, it’s a risk and choice for every person. Things like this are going to happen.

On this note, last weekend I hosted a 48-player tournament in my house. Zero restrictions in place. One person tested positive the next day. No one else got sick or tested positive. My next event I’m running is in 3 weeks, 44 players, in a home basement with zero restrictions. 41 of the 44 players signed up for this next event all played in the event last week for what it’s worth.

Edit - the person who tested positive at my event was vaccinated, and had zero symptoms the day of the tournament. They started experiencing mild symptoms the following night.


Tournament was held in Delaware, out of 48 people, 14 were from Delaware. People traveled from DC, Baltimore, Harrisburg PA, Philly, south Jersey and north Jersey.

The month prior (August), we ran two, 48 player events in a basement on the same day again with zero restrictions. Same stats, 36 people traveling out of state, zero people tested positive.

With the event followed local and CDC guidelines, everyone I am sure keep in mind when deciding to attend.

It is definitely a personal choice to attend events, pinball or otherwise at this point.

I hope anyone affected will have a swift recovery, health come first.