PATL 2023 - Pinball at the Lab - Match Play Classic!

HI all! Time to mark your calendars for Pinball at the LAB 2023!!

2-Day match-play tournament held at the RIVERSIDE GAME LAB, in downtown Riverside, Ca!
Sat Sept 23rd and Sunday Sept 24th.

IFPA sanctioned and “certified” event! [ ](
And, new this year, PATL is a Stern Pro Circuit event!

Maximum number of players @ this time is 100! (This may increase)
Registration coming soon and will be announced here.

On-site registration (if available) and check-in: Sat., Sept 23rd at 10:00am
Practice from 10:30am-11:00am
Qualifying match play rounds start at 11:00am and continue until 11:00pm or until all finals slots are filled.
Finals on Sunday, Sept 24th starting at 10am.

Format: Target Match Play
Entry Fee: WPPR rank 1-250: $100, rank 251+: $60
Game list: TBA

Qualification Rounds:

Players will be placed into four-player groups (occasionally three-player) to compete on an individual, randomly selected machine.
Points will be awarded based upon performance on that machine (7/5/3/1) and added to a running total for the tournament.
A player qualifies for finals by reaching or passing a target value of 70 points at which point the player no longer competes in the qualification rounds.
Match play will continue until all available finals positions are filled. If the time allotted for match play expires prior to filling all finals positions, the remaining positions will be filled based upon rankings tabulated at the conclusion of the final match play round.

Final Rounds:

Top 12 go to ‘A’ finals, next 8 go to ‘B’ finals.
If we get at least 64 players we will bump the ‘A’ division to: Top-16 qualify.
Players with WPPR rankings 1-250 will be restricted from playing in ‘B’ finals.
Players that placed 1st in ‘B’ for 2021/2022
will be restricted from playing in ‘B’ finals.
4 Player groups with the same scoring as the qualification rounds (7/5/3/1).

Project Pinball Side Tournament - Game TBA, Format: TBA

Watch here and for more details and updates coming soon!

Welcome back to competitive pinball! We would love for you to join us!

Jim and Karl


Registration for PATL will open on Saturday, August 5 @ 9am. Watch here and on for updates on registration specifics.

Maximum PATL players increased to 120!

Have a great week all!


128 to make certified+? :smiley:

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*If this 9am is Pacific time, it’s the exact same time that District 82 opens up registration for their October Super Series

Would also need the average qualifier to take 20 games to qualify (and take 24 to finals). It’s pretty tough to get a (non-classics heavy) matchplay tournament there in one day. I don’t think it would be feasible here without making qualifying a slog. But this is well run tournament that is tons of fun. I’m planning to go regardless of projected WPPRs (if I can get in).


9am Pacific today! Don’t miss out!

Signed up!

Does anyone remember when everything ends on Sunday? I’m trying to figure out which return flight to catch from LAX on Sunday night.

The playoff stream was basically 8.5h last year

So figure 9-10h after playoff starts which is 10AM → 7-8PM finish?

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Hello all!

PATL is only 1 week away! Are you ready?

Couple things to bring up:

1st, if you are a registered player and know (now or anytime this coming week) that you will not be able to attend PATL, please let us know ASAP so we can quickly offer spots to those on the waitlist.

2nd: Here’s a sneak-peek of the PATL game list! (Subject to change of course):

Diamond Lady
Road Kings
Atlantis (Bally)
Big Game
Harley Davidson (Bally)
Black Rose
Joker Poker
DPool pro
GZ pro
007 pro
SWars pro
Demo Man
Metallica pro
FOO pro
IMan (vault)
Toy Story 4

16 of the games are currently on the game floor now, available for practice.

See you all at the LAB next Sat!



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Was over playing games tonight. Metallica has a phantom sparky in case it’s not already a known issue.

Would like to piggyback off @jdelz recent post about the beast where he brought up people only really talk about an event afterwards if there was some big ruling controversy or something of that sort.

Had a great time at Pinball at the Lab. This tournament was a first of many for me, first time playing on the west coast, first time flying for a tournament, first time playing machines with earplugs (big fan), first time playing target matchplay format. Fun fact I learned this weekend is this event was the original target matchplay tournament.

The machines played better than any other circuit event I’ve played in and there was a great selection. There were quite a few quirky titles I don’t ever see like Excalibur, Diamond Lady, Hoops, Freddy, but they were luckily easy games to learn on the fly and good tournament games.

Thanks to Jim, Jon, Karl, Fran, and everybody else behind the scenes that made this a great event worth the trip. Congrats to Escher on the win!