Path of Play YouTube channel

PathOfPlay is trying to get to 100 subscribers on their YouTube channel so they can have a vanity URL. They put out a call for help earlier this week, but have only got to 71 so far. If you have enjoyed the papa streams of pinburgh or BPSO, then take 30 seconds and subscribe as a thank you. I also think there will be content being produced many will probably be interested in.

I am not sure if I am violating forum rules here by promoting. If I am sorry, but I personally want to help Mike out for what he has done for our community.


Thanks for putting out the plug! Mike has been monumental in bringing a professional broadcast viewpoint into the PAPA fold; he’s the reason for a lot of the video technology we’ve been able to add in 2018. Definitely give him some love; he’s a great guy championing a great cause we can all get behind!