Party Zone Big Bang value

Does anyone know how the Big Bang value in Party Zone is calculated? According to the rule sheet the Big Bang value is “An award between 10M and 99,999,999 The amount depends on how long since the last Big Bang was awarded.”

However, sccording to the Party Zone manual (page C of, the Big Bang value is actually not random or time-based. After maxing your rocket fuel, lock the first ball for 10M, then every switch hit with the remaining ball adds to the Big Bang value, to a maximum of 50M.

Anyone know which is true?

Pinball manuals are often seen to have errors and ambiguities. Not because of slobbiness, I hope. It seems stuff was decided and tweaked at the last minute of going into production. And even after production had started. Test games were painting a picture and such.

Base value is 20M

Most likely advanced by Switch hits.

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