PAPA tutorial edit schedule


Any new pinball tutorial is “a good thing”. Looking forward to some of the Full Throttle play. Shooting for the blinky things is easy to see in FT because it is so bright. Fast Fast game…vroomm…


Quick Q regarding Multikills: Is there any difference between having one, or more than one, multikill running simultaneously?


From what I understand, the multikill shots are cumulative throughout the game. If you qualify two multikills in one ball, the second value will be added to the initial multikill. Don’t know if more than one yellow light will be lit though…


COME ON! This makes it so much better.


I can’t wait for the gripping conclusion of TRON. That game is tough!


Thanks, and this is definitely @mhs’s doing, not mine. It’s funny that everyone including him thinks we were in Denver, though :wink:

Note for future road trippers: check to see what happens on low line voltage before driving game 2000+ miles.


Re: multi-kills… No. At least not that I’m aware of. You will only have one yellow MK shot lit at one time, even if you’ve qualified multiple MK’s in one ball. And that one MK shot value is simply based on 1/20th of your cumulative mode scoring. This is why I’ve suggested a code/rules improvement that if you qualify more than one MK in a ball, that any MK shots should count for MULTIPLE walker hits – since it’s called a “multi” kill. :wink: So, has anyone made it to Last Man Standing yet?

For further discussion, let’s move this to the TWD Wiki thread, or the Last Man Standing thread above.


As soon as I get the go-ahead from the Heighway crew, the Full Throttle tutorial will be released.

Up next on the edit schedule is JackBot, which will be finished sometime next week, then Tron.

The next filming session should take place in November and will include Wizard of Oz and either WPT or X-Men (or both), depending on Bowen’s preference. After that, I’ll ask here again for more opinions on what to add to the future schedule.

8-Ball Deluxe gameplay is also in the tank and will be uploaded whenever I get a free few hours of available processing time.


Thanks, those past few tutorials have been really cool, and I can’t wait for the ones you already got in the pipeline.

Quick question: Is there a reason why it sometimes takes a long time until tournament footage gets uploaded to YouTube? As far as I can tell, there isn’t any editing work that has to be done for those. I’m just asking, because I’m watching the EXPO2015 stream right now, and I’m really looking forward to adding those games to the archive.


Processing broadcast videos isn’t all that high of a priority in the grand scheme of the many projects we / I have going on. If people want to watch, they can do so when the video is created live, which is the overall intent of broadcasting something live. Otherwise, the 10+GB files get transferred, processed, and uploaded when I have time.

The tutorial and gameplay vids typically get far more views, so they are priority when I have the extra time.


Fair enough. The Youtube uploads are fresh-from-disk, rather than crossloaded from Twitch?

As someone in a timezone that mostly doesn’t allow me to watch live (GMT+9), I’m one of the ones that does watch the youtube uploads…


Full Throttle is now available. We will also be revisiting this game in the future.


So want to pick this for NEPL finals next weekend but having only played one game on it at pintastic I know it will bite my in the behind!


These tutorials are the best. Thanks for doing what you do @mhs and @bkerins.


Good luck picking it against Bowen. :slight_smile:


Oh man. I was building matchplay for A division this morning and didn’t even realize I’m playing with you first round Bowen! Mine as well pick it and enjoy myself. It’s all for the love of the game :smile:


King of the mounnnnttt taiinnnnnnnnnn!!!


Depends where you live in the world, sometimes watching live is not an option.


Totally understandable. Any news tough on when Expo might hit YouTube? It was a nice watch, and I’m looking forward to adding it to pinballvideos. Jack*Bot tutorial sounds pretty cool, too, any ETA on that?