PAPA(or other multi host) broadcast question-headphones

I’m working on a mobile studio set up for our podcast and currently can run three mics and two headphones in which the host/guest does not hear their own voice in their headphones. I’m trying to add a third, which means I would need to remove one person from each headphone(hope that makes sense).

Soooo…my question is whether others do this or just have all the vocals on each person’s set of headphones? If this is the case it makes my life a lot easier.


I honestly don’t know if Jon Replogle has a TF account, but he would be the guy to ask. If no one has privately answered you yet, let me know.

@chesh Thanks, I’ll reach out to him.

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Seconding @chesh - Jon is an audio wizard and can set you up quickly. If he doesn’t get back to you by the stream on Friday, I’ll mention it to him in person.

This is a classic mix-minus situation you’d solve with a mixer board.

But suprised you run with the host NOT hearing themselves. Usually you mix the mic back into the headset so they DO hear themselves. Because it’s not delayed in a local mix, you won’t be disturbed by it.

(did you know your old telephone handset did this too?)

You do this because when the talker can’t hear themselves, they tend to adjust their own audio level to compensate.

I’d setup the mixer where all hosts hear each other in the same mix… at a level set for headphones… and then a second output at a different level for the production output.

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Can you post Jon’s response here when you get it?

I spoke to John yesterday and he basically told me to not worry about having people hear themselves. My issue is that I have been running through my computer and was getting a slight delay. I bought a headset amp and have a mixer so should be good to go.


If you use the mixer it should be fine. That’s what I do.