PAPA - Explain the acronym to me

Professional Amateur Pinball Association. I never understand the professional amateur bit. Is it meant to be tongue in cheek? Like we saying these are professional amateurs? Or is it meant to be like professional and amateur? Or is it saying that this is a professional organisation for amateur players?

What’s the real deal here?

You’re missing an entire word that kills your whole “tongue in cheek” premise.

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Right, it is professional and amateur. That was really the only thing that made sense to me, thanks

Just thought I’d quiz it after listening to this piece on Robert Gagno that’s going out over the BBC World Service :

Robert, like most people I’ve heard, de-acronimse PAPA as ‘Professional Amateur Pinball Association’, and to the listener it just begs the question…

I always took it to have the same meaning as Pro-am


It is an interesting question. There are really zero professional pinball players. Even the best in the world like Keith, Bowen, Zach, etc. do not earn a living from playing pinball, but have regular day jobs just like everyone else.

If I start sponsoring a player, would that make him a pro? I’m ready to sponsor a logo placement on @PinballNarcissist’s sandals.


Dibs on @BMU 's gloves.

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I hear my Seahawks hat has an opening :slight_smile:

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Other places to put your advertisements…

Frank Romero’s neck towel
Adam McKinnie’s back pocket towel
Neil Shatz’s glasses neck strap
Elwin’s calves (tattoos?)
Sharpe water bottle


Add the person who had the head lamp at pinmasters to list of advertising on head strap

Can even put a logo on my balls.


Beats can comp me a pair of wireless headphones

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Heck, i might contribute to a to a gofundme for some new headphones if leads to new G_Money dance videos.