PAPA 20 results online? (PAPA Scoring Software Feedback)

When can we expect online results? is still showing last year’s results. I know they are using both a new format and new software this year, so maybe the URL will be different? Surely there are some tickets banked by now.

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Hopefully the results page will be fixed, or at least add a page for qualifying. No single pane of glass to see people above and below cutline.

Edit: Classics looks correct, maybe not enough people have scores in Main Division at this time.

I’m getting a mobile style experience on a desktop - should that be happening?

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Getting the same thing. Scrolling speed is horrible.

Ditto here. I pulled up the interface on my phone, and I can see the value for keeping things clean and simple for fast loading, but that interface on a computer website… blech. If you want to have any fast scrolling, you have to treat your mouse or touchpad like you’re swiping with it. Weird.
Interesting feature on the mobile version that hides the “best game” list for each player in portrait, but displays it when in landscape. that’s cool.

If the programmer is on here: another bug… some players’ best game list start with "(1), SCOR(x), VOLY(y)."
It’s lopping off the first game’s abbreviation.

It looks to me like certain machines aren’t getting their abbreviation. For example, no one’s Metallica score gets an abbreviation.

Edit: also with AFM and RBION.

On each player’s profile pages, it would also be interesting to see players’ game scores on pins that aren’t their highest score, or the fact that they voided a score. It’s always fascinating to see how efficient some players are at qualifying (very few overall games played and still making the cut).

I think they will show the other scores under “non-contributing scores”, even multiples on a single machine. After all, they still count in terms of pushing others’ rankings up or down. I think hardly anyone has played multiple games on a single machine yet though.

Will there really be voiding much now that there’s not the combined ticket format?

While each player page shows their best scores on pins that don’t contribute to their qual ranking, it does not show lower scores from the same pin (“multiples on a single machine”)

I agree, but If you get a score that’s lower than a prior better score on the same pin, I imagine that it’s faster for the scorekeeper to tap “Void” rather than tap out a score that doesn’t count toward anything.

I’d say there’s more voiding in an unlimited qualifying format than a multi-game-ticket format, specifically because you already know if you have a better score; you don’t need to get it recorded just in case the rest of your ticket is solid.


Will Classics I finals results be updated? Looks like only Round 1 names and no results are up?

They are still working on the finals section of as stated on last nights youtube stream.

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After PAPA (give us at least a week; this is exhausting), we will be opening up a dialogue and seeking constructive feedback and suggestions on the software.


Top five qualifiers all former PAPA champs!

Anyone know what happened in classics III. For some reason it was all done on paper and isn’t on the page.

1st - DJ Riel
2nd - Raymond Davidson
3rd - Z Sharpe
4th - Phil Burnbaum


Elizabeth: putting it here now while it’s fresh on my mind so I don’t forget …
(all of this is from a remote spectator perspective since I wasn’t there this year, so my pinball tourney software experience is from Neverdrains and MatchPlay)

  • I was quite impressed with the software on mobile platform and quick loading, and having the pertinent information on each screen prominently displayed.

  • Showing the game queues on one screen with # of players in each queue and with the average time per player was VERY nice!

  • I miss the special color formatting of #1 and #2 scores in the qualifying tables (from Neverdrains), to highlight that the player currently enjoys some bonus points from those positions).

  • On a Player page, it would be interesting to see what game the player is currently playing or queued up for.

  • If you tap on a player from a Division standings list, and then go “Back” from the player listing, it would be nice if the Division standings list refreshed at the same point in the table instead of having to scroll back to that spot.

  • Finals: it was nice showing the total/final match status on the first page of Finals with the little trophy icons for those that advanced. Perhaps consider showing the current/final cumulative match point totals on that first page as well.

  • Finals: if possible, keep the groups match score status updated.

  • Finals: improve the number format of individual game scores with comma separators between thousands, millions, etc.

  • Finals streaming: perhaps the most important feedback when it comes to streaming – viewers need a scoreboard. Can the software integrate with the stream to show what players are playing, in which order, which game #, and what the current match score? (similar to Neverdrains) This is critical to any competition, and I felt like it was a big step backward not having this info, and viewers previously enjoyed it through Neverdrains integration with the stream. A nice to have would be each player’s picture, but it’s not as imperative as the info above.

Thanks for all you and the rest of the PAPA/Replay staff do to organize, host, promote, and stream the greatest pinball tourneys in the world!


Regarding the Finals pages, one thing I’d change is the “Final rank” next to players once a round is complete. That’s helpful for knowing where the players who did not advance landed, and I’d keep that information in, but it was kind of a spoiler to look at the first round and see not only who advanced from each group, but what the results of future rounds were. Here’s an example from A Division round 1 :

If I’m catching up (and maybe this is the hazard of being a West Coaster who wakes up two rounds into A Finals), I prefer to look round by round to get a sense of the story that is playing out (or that played out, if I’m looking after the fact) and would prefer not to know who won when I’m still looking at Round 1.