PAPA 19 Preregistration now available

Preregistration for PAPA 19 includes a PAPA 19 t-shirt, and an entry into the skill division of your choice. Preregistration is not required to participate, but it helps us project attendance and make decisions based off of those numbers.

PAPA 19 is April 6-10, 2016 at the PAPA World Headquarters in Carnegie PA.

Can’t figure out how to list who I am registering on the checkout. (trying to register 2 people, not necessarily the payment cardholders name)

Also, it would be awesome if there was a no T-shirt option.

+1. I “registered” me and Escher, but there wasn’t anywhere to include our names…

When you receive the confirmation e-mail from, just reply with the names of the additional people you are registering and we will take care of it.

We’re trying to alleviate some of the initial crush of folks picking up a t-shirt and registering on day 1 on the front desk, as well as gauging attendance figures. There is no non-shirt option, if you don’t want a shirt you can register in person when you arrive. :slight_smile:

I can’t decide if I am thread hijacking, but I thought the bump on this topic is good. I am trying to decide what division to register for. This will be my first PAPA.

My gut thought is to play A. The point is to compete against the best and honestly see how I compare. My odds of qualifying are near zero, but I can see honestly where I fall. Hey, someone needs to come last in A, maybe this could be me.

My other mind says I might have more fun playing B (and once 2016 results start coming in I expect I can’t play C).

Looking for validation from strangers on the internet A is the correct choice :slight_smile:

Start in the lowest division that you’re allowed to join and see how it goes. You can move up if you feel like you’re unfairly dominating and have a chance to do well in the next division up.


I agree with @jdelz. There’s no reason to start in A, as even players ranked in the top 50 will struggle to qualify. Try an entry or two in C and see how well you do. If it’s going to be a challenge, stay put… if it was not challenging enough, try a B entry. You can move up into a higher division with no questions asked (and lower division entries will be voided), but I believe you need permission to go down to a lower division. A, B, and C are all very competitive, so you can still get a good feel of what it is like to compete against the best.

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The quality of competitive experience I got my first year going to PAPA was immeasurable. I participated in C, struggled to qualify (but ended up qualifying) but then did well in playoffs and finished 2nd. I credit that year with a lot of my growth as a player. f you’ve never been to PAPA I would highly recommend playing in the lowest division possible. The qualifying format is BRUTAL and takes some getting use to. Also, B division at PAPA is different than B division everywhere else in the world. Quality of play is just step ahead of everywhere else. Also, this year looks to be particularly hard in all divisions.

If I were you I’d play B in year one with the goal that year 2 you go to A.

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It’s a tough call to play A on your first try, but it shows confidence. If you think you’ll have the most fun competing in A against the best in the world, then it’s the right choice.

And, you never know. Anyone can win.


I’d suggest B especially if you are going to try classics also. There’s plenty of competition in B and it probably won’t be as difficult to qualify so you can spend some time playing classics. The entries are cheaper and if you keep playing tournaments and doing well you’ll be stuck in A div sooner or later.

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A Div. will FOR SURE be a pretty big grind this year. I say go for B and if you’re blowing it out of the water move up to A.

Thanks everyone. Message received loud and clear, I will play B. It appears I came across a bit cocky or a least confidant. This is pretty far from the truth, I will be the nervous, shaky (hopefully) middle of B player who probably won’t qualify(probably not a unique description) and use classics as the open tournament I use to see how I compare :).