PAPA 18 Game Selection Revealed

PAPA 18 games were just announced on PAPA TV!
I sure can’t wait to play these awesome B games… :hankey: :hankey: :hankey:

A Division:

Space Station
Cactus Canyon
The Walking Dead
Black Rose
Lost In Space
Orbitor 1

B Division:

Fish Tales
The Rolling Stones (Stern)
Time Machine
Revenge From Mars
Batman (Stern)
Mousin Around

C Division:

Surf n Safari
NBA Fastbreak

D Division

Future Spa
Flash Gordon
WCS 94
Indiana Jones (Stern)

Classics I (Thursday)

Alien Poker
Eight Ball Deluxe
Target Alpha
Target Pool

Classics II (Friday)

Jumping Jack
Poker Plus
Nine Ball
Dracula (Stern)
Ro Go
Grand Prix (EM)
High Deal
Alien Star

Classics III (Saturday)

Anyone know?

D/Seniors/Juniors/Split Flipper

futurespa, monopoly, world cup soccer, 94, pinbot, indiana jones, flash gordon, addams family

Why only A-C?

Because my pen and paper was not handy for D. Sorry !

I’d love to play Quicksilver.

D sounds fun too!

I played the hell out of that Quicksilver at PAPA 17 - Very playable game.
I doubt it has been changed much if it all since then.

Well, this should be interesting! Trying to think about which 5 of these I would prefer for a “run”, I would definitely include CSI and Simpso, probably also Black Rose. I don’t remember Lost in Space well enough to know strategy but I remember it being very multiball-heavy, so that’s good. As for a fifth, tough call between Mustang, Cactus Canyon, and Space Station.

I feel like Medusa, Walking Dead, and Orbitor are “randomizers” where you only have so much control over what happens. Maybe Walking Dead will turn out to be alright, but I find it difficult to get a consistently good score on it, which is what matters in PAPA qualifying.

Woah Woah Woah, all those games are shared in D/Seniors/Juniors/Split divisions! Crap! I’ve got some more coding to do!


I’m still trying to figure out what games I will play.
Rare games like Time Machine and Radical! are tough choices because I have played each maybe twice in my life?

Not a big fan of having WOZ in the bank … how are we supposed to learn to play that thing?
There are ZERO on location and no self respecting pin head owns one :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
Especially with no duplicate at PAPA to practice on, seems like a major advantage for early adopters of the game.

I remember there’s a 3-multiball bonus for 25M IIRC. That’s pretty big points in that game. Other than that, it will be a gigantic wood chipper. I have some recollection of ROBOT being the best/most pointworthy mb.

Well that sure makes me want to help. Besides, last 2 years PAPA had 2 WOZs, they probably still do. It was in A-bank last year and did fine, it was just setup a bit too hard.

Plenty of footage and advice on rare games. Best advice is watch someone else play and do what they do.

Time Machine: left-center ramp STARWARP is big points. Right ramp is safest way to multiball (similar rules to High Speed).

Radical: spell Radical once for lock, second time for multiball, ramp is jackpot. Most other goals are not important enough compared to the 5M jackpot.

WOZ: watch video! Stack multiballs for big points. There are two WOZ games at PAPA so there is a second one to practice on. Also, you don’t have to know all the games in your bank to qualify, and nobody I know has a Medusa, Lost In Space, CSI, or Orbitor 1 on location either.

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LiS Shoot orbits to start fighter MB. Spell ROBOT to start robot MB. During robot MB each jackpot spots a WARNING letter. Spell WARNING then shoot robot for super. Condition RED MB- Waste time and balls pounding on standup targets to start or just wait till ball 3 :wink:

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Some of the radical letters are a pain in the… to collect. There are three drop targets on the right hand side. Knock them down and hit the standup behind to spot a radical letter.

Sorry keefer, taking jabs at WOZ is just too easy. :innocent:
I think what I meant to say is that WOZ seems to be more of a title that appeals to collectors rather than players.

With our tanked CDN dollar and 15% sales tax, a WOZ is easily north of $12,000 in my hood.
The monster price tag creates an extremely high barrier to entry for most pinheads, especially players who aren’t interested in collecting. I don’t really know any collectors, and with no WOZ on location my access to the game has been very limited.

I’m sure if I had some real time to play the game, I could form an actual opinion on it.
I watched you commentating on it during PAPA 17, and most of the rules seemed complicated and went over my head. The only real way I can learn a game is by playing it, and that just isn’t possible with WOZ. Glad to hear there is a second WOZ at PAPA. I seem to recall last time it was on $5/play for a charity tournament of some sort. Hopefully that is not the case this year.

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Just for the record, Orbitor is a troll placeholder. It will likely be CV, CFTBL, or some similar Bally / Williams title.


Aww. I wanted to see Orbitor 1 on PAPA TV in a high-pressure situation. Watching people play it Vry Srsly is good theatre.


Orbitor side event!!

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Well, your head is very short (you are a troll doll, right?).

There is a PAPAtv live play of Wizard of Oz, with some of the strategy details worked out – I think I did a 600,000 game, which isn’t as good as Karl or some others, but it’s alright. Couple that with Keefer’s information from the PAPA broadcast and you should be able to see what people are doing. I don’t think any of us understand all the rules other than Keefer (Horse of a Different Color is a total mystery to me).

One secret of PAPA qualifying and tournament qualifying in general is that many “A” players do not know the games before the event begins, they just figure things out as they go by watching others and formulating a strategy. At PAPA that strategy can include “don’t play that game” which is nice. My only WOZ play is what you see in that PAPA video plus maybe about two hours of location play on a very old software revision, and maybe 5 other games of it. Almost everything I know about WOZ I learned from watching others play it.

Thank god! I was like WTF is Mark thinking, Orbitor1 that’s some BS right there!