Operation Thunder (Gottlieb) Tournament Appropriate?

Is Operation Thunder (Gottlieb) Tournament Appropriate? Might pick one up and wondering if its fair to use in tournaments. I’ve honestly never played one so any help is good. Thanks!

Its a tough one, its a fine game, but, essentially annoying as hell if you don’t know the rules well. And it would certainly fall in the “weird” category for me.

There are modes in the game where if you don’t shoot the right shots (re-fuel) you “crash,” flippers go dead and your ball is over.

The game is linear, so there are few ways to score or even progress at all without entering these modes eventually.

I’d be fine with it a papa style qualifying bank where you aren’t forced to play it. Though, in a random game pick format/event… I wouldn’t put it in the line up.


It’s not remarkable, but certainly playable as a tournament game.

The scoring is a bit unbalanced, but since it’s linear, players can’t exploit certain shots. That’s a good thing. To further elaborate on that, the “seek and destroy” mission has you trying to find a bad guy and pretty much all shots are lit. It’s random where he is every time, but when you find him, it’s worth 20M. That’s quite a bit in this game. So in a tournament, one player could get lucky and find him on the first shot made, whereas it may take another player hitting all shots before he finds him. This mode is also timed.

Lastly, if you use it, I would recommend that players are allowed to play extra balls. On mission 3, which is a multiball, players barely get any points for making shots. The main reward in that mode is not points, but an extra ball if played well.

Hope this helps.

Thank you both for the feedback. Much appreciated. Seems like both of you agree it could be used in the right format. Envisioning using it in a best game style qualifier, if used at all.

Still on the fence as 99% of the people wouldn’t know the rules on it and I’m not sure I want to explain the rules over and over for the 100 or so people who are playing it. But it sounds like it might be a fun game to just goof around on for awhile (buy and not use in a tournament).