One Year Gone


One year ago, I made a post to the internal admin group that Tilt Forums was open for business, and to start telling their friends. I remember telling someone at the time that if we topped out at a few hundred users who were thoughtful, passionate, and fun then I would consider the site a wild success. That is almost exactly what has happened. We have pretty much plateaued around 500 users. Since starting we have had 485 Topics, 7260 Responses, 5648 Likes, and only 31 Flags. The admins have mostly been bored, which is absolutely perfect. The conversations have been fascinating, well rounded, and on point. I couldn’t ask for anything more, thanks to everyone for making Tilt Forums a success. I put up the walls, but y’all made it a home.


Such a great resource. I lurk more than I post. This is definitely my preferred pinball forum.
Congrats to a wonderful year of Tilt Forums!


Congratulations Greg! I agree with @kayluh 100%!


Lots of interesting stuff on this forum. Sure, it’s not wildly active but quantity is just so much better than quality. It’s where I recommend folks go for good pinball chat! Congrats Greg and co. on an awesome year! :smiley:


Has conversation slowed down a bit lately? I come every day, but I feel like lots of the stuff I want to talk about has been discussed, and it’s not like there’s a constant stream of noobs coming in and asking the same things over and over again. Maybe it’s a winter thing. Maybe it’s in my head.


Or the other way around. :wink:


I definitely prefer the focus on playing here to other aspects of the hobby that other forums tend to focus on. Not saying that threads on collecting or fixing machines aren’t interesting, but Tilt tends to focus on my favorite subjects. Keep up the good work.


In that case, I’ll start asking some more questions. I still have plenty of them, coming from a very different background than most of you.


Hey Greg. Thanks for starting this site. I’m kinda new here and I thought Tilt forums had been around longer than that. I still frequent Pinside and PinballBash but the topics on here are usually more interesting to me. Let’s keep up the tournament and gameplay talk!


I wanted to add my thanks. This forum is currently in the magic new post volume that I will actually follow it. Great signal to noise ratio. Getting to eavesdrop on the conversations of top players and experienced TDs is awesome.

I will now return to being a mostly silent lurker.


I just heard about this forum (thanks Keefer) and look forward to joining in the fun and exploring past topics.


I too have just heard of the Tilt Forum thanks to Keefer. A cursory reading of several topics and the Code of Conduct is absolutely encouraging. Thank you to everyone who has made this forum what it has been over the past year. I look forward to being part of this excellent and civilized community.


Super grateful for this site. I mostly lurk, but I read a bunch.
Great convos, top level advice, and community standards where I am not constantly biting my lip and trying to not tell off obnoxious dudes.


I was really happy to discover this forum for reasons that have already been mentioned by Artimage and cait001: it’s focused on what I am most interested and involved in, actually playing pinball, and it doesn’t stress and depress me with offensive comments. I don’t tend to have much to say here (yet) but I enjoy checking in for new posts.


Another new member here thanks to Keefer. Really nice to read through here and see the quality of the posts. Thanks for putting this site up!


Did @keefer recently do an interview mentioning this? I missed this but I’d like to check it out if so.


He mentioned it on the JJP Google group after deactivating his Pinside account.


Yeah someone was just lamenting there was no pinside alternative and I said, “wellllllll”.

Edit: And in case anyone was wondering, no, I wasn’t trying to “drum up” business for TF by deactivating pinside. I’d just had enough over there. If good changes are made, I’d be willing to go back.


Pinside definitely has a S/N ratio problem, and that might be a kind way to put it.

Sorry to see you’re no longer contributing there. A win for the “N”, I guess. I do hope it’s temporary.

I have taken the Pinside ignore list feature to the extreme. I don’t just block the obvious trolls, but I also block people who appear to post every thought that ever enters their head. It’s pretty amazing how many people fall into this latter category. Even though I’m sure I miss something interesting from this group every once in a while, the payout is being able to read through what interests me there in a shorter amount of time.

I have never mentioned blocking/ignoring anyone over there, figuring it only gives the wrong kind of attention and wouldn’t really be productive.

I remember finding this place via FB right around the SCS Championships last year, and I lurked a bit to see what it was all about before jumping in. I like the vibe here, and I find 99% of the conversations really interesting. And that’s a pretty big accomplishment.


Today is my first day on the forums and I just wanted to say Hi after reading this post. I look forward to becoming part of your community. I have a real love for pinball, as it was a big part of my childhood, but I never really thought to look for a community of players. Now that I’m living in a bigger city and found a new pinball arcade in my neighborhood, I’m really excited to see an entire world of pinball I didn’t know existed! This is amazing! The new pinball arcade near me has been open maybe 5 days and I’ve been there for three of them. Maybe someday I’ll tell my longer story of why I love pinball so much! I’m not particularly great at it, I just love playing. I actually found this page while searching for tips to make me a better player to see if I could actually maybe compete at the new arcade in my neighborhood. I haven’t quite looked around, but feel free to PM me or reply here w/ resources to improve my skills. Thanks! Hi again!