Oktoberfest: Pinball on Tap Rulesheet

Ack! I’m very sorry to hear about lighting problems and then a crash. If you don’t mind, please feel free to DM me with any details you can recall about what was happening leading up to the trouble… I’ll try my best to reproduce and fix. This request goes out to anyone who encounters problems with Oktoberfest, however large or small. Thanks!

Congrats on the score, though! Very impressive. You’re right, the steins for boosting multiball jackpots can be valuable, but to make the most of them, you need to pump up the calories first via the Food Stand… with 395 calories, that certainly played a role in your jackpot values. But certainly there are many paths to big scores… for example, I suspect you’ve gotten some amped-up bonuses from winning a bunch of tents.

Thanks for playing! :slight_smile:

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No lights? Where was the game, sounds like a serial cable came loose.

Steins are powerful and the strategy really kicks in on which to take when, and adjusting that strategy based on current state and goals throughout the game. But yes, loading up two or three of a stein powering up a MB can be huge, but, typically I’ll hold off on those steins until I have a couple of balls locked, then try to add a stein or two to boost it, then start a mode that also as a stein or two and then start the MB. I like to go for steins that can have a longer term impact early, as well as ones that match with tents that are not as optimal for stacking, since odds are the first couple of tents you play will be before you have locked enough balls to stack a MB with it.

I will say, my approach to the steins continues to evolve.

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Played it in the Extra Ball Lounge on Saturday. I think they wound up fixing it though.

Great points about the steins. I’ll keep on experimenting!

Got surprised when I walked into a bar and found Oktoberfest (and signed by Joe Balcer, no less)! I’ll try to update this rule sheet when I take note of some point values and rules.

It had my initials in the scoreboard, so must’ve been from Pintastic.

A short list of things I’d like to see checked:

  • How are Ducks awarded on mode completion? 5 * (# of steins)?
  • Do we have enough footage/anecdotal evidence to tell how significant Ducks impact modes?
  • There’s a line item(s) missing in end-of-ball bonus for Tents Completed and others I may not remember.
  • Stein interactions - I know a handful of them but can we get some specifics?
  • Skill Shot Multipilers - subsequent Skill Shots on the same ball award more points. Verify if it’s only for the made skill shot or all skill shots (and if it’s a multiplier or flat points).

I’m not sure if I’ll be able to answer all those questions but I’ll try my best.

New personal best.

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I’ll lend a hand here…

First tent win on a ball = 5 ducks, second tent win on a ball = 10 ducks, third is 15, etc.

Varies somewhat from tent to tent, but as a really rough rule of thumb: if you get X points for doing whatever a tent requires to win it with 0 ducks, you’ll get about 2 * X points for the same shot sequence with 20 ducks.

All of them, and it’s a multiplier.

Yowzer! Great score… congrats, sir. What was your strategy? Or did you just really go to town on a multiball or something? Though with 7 tent wins… I’m thinking mondo bonus was at least part of the story.


Went to town on Corkscrew Multiball. Jackpots got to 1M each, and got several supers that were 20-30 million.


I would like some guidelines for approaching Oktoberfest for someone that is decent with the flippers but pretty overwhelmed in understanding and using rules.

For example with Game of Thrones I just go for 1 blackwater multiball per game and I am happy.

Help would be appreciated. Thanks.

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Sure thing… there are three primary things to do: you can play tent modes, go for Corkscrew Multiball, or go for Beer Barrel Multiball.

Tent modes: start these at the lit scoop (center playfield); if scoop is not lit, complete the T-E-N-T letters on the inlane/outlanes or by shooting the unlit scoop. Lots of different tent modes, many focusing on different elements of the playfield. Juggling is a multiball. Tap It is a video mode similar to Tapper. Try 'em all and see what you like and where you feel you can earn the most points.

Corkscrew Multiball: complete either OKTOBER (targets on left side of playfield) or FEST (targets on right side of playfield) to light 1 lock on the left ramp. Complete both OKTOBER and FEST to light all 3 locks on that ramp. Lock 3 balls to start Corkscrew Multiball. Shoot the roving jackpots (red arrows). Complete OKTOBER or FEST to light a Super Jackpot on the left ramp. (If you didn’t collect at least one Super Jackpot when you drain down to 1 ball, you’ll get a brief shot at a last chance Super on the ramp.)

Beer Barrel Multiball: complete PROST (targets center playfield) to light locks on the Beer Barrel ramp (upper flipper shot). Personally I find this easier with the help of the MagNab button to catch the ball there to set up the shot. The third ball locked in the Beer Barrel starts Beer Barrel Multiball. (These balls can be stolen, so if another player has locked 2 balls there already, you can start the multiball by just locking one more.) Shoot flashing shots (red arrows) for jackpots. Shooting the Beer Barrel ramp relocks the ball for a timed period, during which all jackpots are increasingly valuable. Locking another ball collects a Super Jackpot and lets you keep shooting multiplied jackpots.

There’s a lot of deep strategy around collecting different steins to make things in the game easier or more valuable, but based on what you describe… don’t worry about those for now. If you get into the bar, just accept whatever stein the game suggests; it’ll do something good. Later on, if you want to dive into strategy, the steins will be waiting for you to explore. And there are lots of other fun little features in the game to be discovered, but again, no need to overwhelm yourself with those for now.

Play the primary features of the game, shoot the flashing shots, have a great time! Hope you love Oktoberfest.


Whoa, that is great. Thanks. I’m looking forward to trying it out this week.

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@joe did a killer job of describing it! The other thing is this is definitely a game where the scoring gets better the longer you play. Just go for those objectives and roll other things in when you’re ready to try them out.


Yes, definitely. This is not a game where you build a single value up to dizzying heights and then hope you collect it before you drain or it times out. Instead, it rewards consistency throughout… doing well at one thing makes the next thing more valuable. And it rewards individual balls that are strong. (Tent Win Bonus!)


Really fun game. Now I gotta go to the festival.

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The ongoing GoT discussion reminded me…

Oktoberfest pro-tip: if at any time you have zero tilt warnings remaining (i.e. your next tilt bob hit will kill your ball), the GI around the flippers will turn red as a visual reminder that you’re in the Danger Zone. (And yes, if you then go collect a Thor’s Hammer Ale stein to increase your tilt warnings, the flipper GI should return to normal color, since you’ve just bought a bit of a reprieve…)


What a cool detail! Keep it up with the GI integration on your machines–massive part of the overall presentation.

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Dang. We thought a billion was unrealistic. Guess we were wrong. :open_mouth: (Yes, I know you didn’t get a billion, but got way closer than I would have expected.) Congrats!

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Yeah, it was crazy. On that game I also got Flipper Meister. It appears that the mode gives you all the points you’ve earned in each tent mode? It’s a multiball.