Oktoberfest first impressions


There were six tent features enabled at Expo. A couple more tents are coded but were disabled at Expo. All 14 steins are coded and fully functional, along with both major multiballs, the Food Stand frenzies, and most of the other game features other than wizard modes.

Astute observation. I’ve absolutely thought about that and am not exactly sure where to settle on that rule. There’s actually a hidden mode timer already running for single-ball play situations (that unintentionally becomes occasionally un-hidden on screen, so if you watch streams and see a timer pop up briefly during Juggling, now you know why!). There are also some interesting strategic choices regarding tent completion bonuses vs. intentionally flubbing Juggling to keep it available as a utility multiball. Soooo… I think the answer is “reply hazy, try again later.” The next few weeks will include a lot of play testing for questions like this, overall score balancing, etc. I’ll do my best to get it right. :slight_smile:


It’s a great game and a lot of fun. Their attention to detail is amazing. Monkey in the bumper car and has his band aids. Ducks in liederhosen like the ones at Octoberfests. Monkey where his hands don’t belong. Roller coaster support are amazing. American Pinball did a great job !
LTG : )


Me and my friend Christian will try heading over to AP today for the play test. Looking forward to it!