Official Critical Hit Thread


Well, there’s the ruling then. I still maintain this card is almost worthless as it provides no guarantee of any benefit to the caster.


remove a Stern Star Wars asap… hopefully before I ever took a draw into it.

You can’t ‘Modica Plague’ a machine until you’ve been drawn into it…


I respectfully disagree. At my tournament, we had one game, Caribbean Cruise, that gave a spell card to anyone who played it. One of the players wanted to play Modica on that game to remove it so it couldn’t give out anymore free cards.

In other situations, I hate Iron Man and definitely wanted to avoid it if I made the finals. I would have played Modica on Iron Man if I had that card.

Finally, we had a swords of fury machine, the only game in the lineup I have never played. Again I would have played Modica on that game to remove it from the finals.


For all of these, you have to get drawn on the game in the first place in order to play the card. If you never get drawn on the machine you want to disable, then the card is a brick in your hand.

I prefer cards that always have at least some value versus cards with the potential to have zero value.


Many benefits to pulling a game out. True, you may not be randomly selected on the game but you could always be pulled into a group on that game. Or you could have to play the game in finals. It’s that rare card for the “I need to make sure I never play that game again in this tournament” situation.

Darkness: For me, when I run the tournament, once the scores are shown no additional cards may be played on that game. Want to play a heal card, do it blind.

If you don’t like a particular card, you’re always welcome to remove it from the deck available at the tournament. That’s the beauty of the game. No one is forced to run it a particular way.


Ya when using darkness I make people have to play cards before the scores are revealed. Once it is there can be no cards played, I think this is along the benefits of using this card.

Modica I think is still a great card that can be used to avoid games in finals. We had a player removed ToM because they hated it and the other players in his group were very good at the game. So do that that when he made it to the next round the same bus driver couldn’t pick it, so it worked great for him.


Also Modica can be used to remove a game someone else is good at that you know is their ringer game. Like if you know a good player loves Medieval or something and always wins on it you can take it out so they don’t get to play it (and you as well against them). I like that card though I don’t think I’ve ever actually gotten it


Is there a way to get blank cards to make my own?


Sorry, I don’t have anything in place for blank cards nor will I. If I did, Critical Hit events would no longer be IFPA approved events, most likely across the board.


I’m curious as to why. Is it because people could create wacky things that are out of bounds for sanctioning? If so, why not just declare that only stock-deck tournaments are sanctioned, while allowing people to do their own thing non-sanctioned?


Yes, that is exactly why. I don’t believe @PressStart wants to go around asking each CH tournament if they’re using a sanctioned deck or not, and I wouldn’t blame him one bit. It’s simpler to know what officially exists out there and allow those.


Thanks and makes sense. I was just looking to make some fun ones for home use.


You can buy plastic sleeves for cards. These protect the cards from wear, and they make it easy to add or modify cards by adding notes or writing on the sleeve itself with a marker.


You can buy blank cards online or at some game stores. These will have different backs than the critical hit cards, but, as @omo mentioned you can also buy plastic sleeves for cards, and you can find sleeves that have opaque backs so that this won’t be visible.


Here is a photo of some cards in sleeves, one with a note, one empty sleeve.