Official Critical Hit Thread


Going to be running this on the 10th of June, has anything official been put together at all or any kind of guide? Even the smallest outline would be helpful as running this for the first time seems daunting.


I put something together and sent it to @kdeangelo, but really wanted to have him approve it before letting others see it. I know he has started looking at it, but I don’t know if it is ready for general consumption.


I’ll try to get through editing it this evening.


I’m running one in July and would appreciate some documentation too!


Thanks to @kdeangelo for making an editing and clarifying pass. There is one formatting change I want to make that is hard to make on my phone, and one example I give that Karl and I have not come to consensus on, but I am calling it good enough for others to look at. Doc should be set so anyone can comment. Please suggest edits and ask questions (probably here is better than there). I hope people find this helpful.


And a HUGE thanks to @gammagoat for building the guide in the first place.

I think we probably have a consensus on that example now, wasn’t thinking clearly when I wrote the initial response.


So, how did things turn out?


We had 11 which was a bit of a disappointment but it is very busy in the summer here so it was not overly surprising. Due to this we ran with 4 strikes which people requested. Thought it went well, everyone loved it that I heard, so I will probably turn it into a quarterly event possibly. We used matchplay through the entire tournament via the creation of rounds w/arena’s then just continuously deleting them and making new ones to get the random groups we needed. We then tracked strikes manually on a white board and did swapping randomness using the chwazi app which worked out well and people loved that. I decided to do random all the way through which I think was a very good decision.


6th Annual Critical Hit dates announced. Tickets go on sale Friday. First post updated with all the information.


Awesome! In my neck of the woods!


So I would believe 15 votes against 0 votes is more than enough to make this feature a reality? :wink:


Yeah, it’s next, but I’m in a middle of a different and very time consuming feature that I’m not quite ready to talk about in public yet. :wink:

I will likely do this one in two separate steps: First the ability to replace players in a game (because it’s relatively straight forward) and at a later date add the ability to create new games from scratch (because it’s way more complicated).


Awesome! :slight_smile:


So we had our first semi-intoxicated Critical Hit tournament in Oslo this evenign, and a few questions arose regarding the cards;

  1. Darkness: this card must be cast before the round begins. Can this be cast for a game in either group, or must it be in the group the player casting it is in?

  2. Insanity: Say games are drawn, and a player cast the darkness card for the game in group 1.
    Then a player casts teh Insanity, forcing all games to be redrawn. Will the darkness spell still affect the game which then is chosen for the group Darkness was intended to affect?

  1. The intention was for your group’s game only. This will be revised in future printings to “Cover your group’s score display(s) for the entire game.”

  2. Tough one, and up to tournament director interpretation. For my tournaments, I’d say the Darkness casting travels with the group, not staying on the original game, based on what I said above.


Running our first Critical Hit in Buffalo today, looking forward to it. Thanks @kdeangelo for making this format widely available.

Here’s a look at the hardware :slight_smile:


Can Shatter Global be used to nullify another Shatter Global? The text on the card suggests that it is possible. If player A casts a spell, and player B uses Shatter Global to block that spell, player A (or another player) could counter with another Shatter Global, so player A’s original spell stands?




Another question we stumbled upon last friday;
Some cards seem kinda…useless…for instance, Foresight.

We randomly selected groups and games through matchplay. So the one guy choosing to go into a group X before anything has been generated, what does he have to gain? :slight_smile:

Are there scenarios where this is of more use?


It depends on how many players are still in the tournament I guess but if there are 7 left, and you’re on two strikes, why not use Foresite to stick yourself into group 2? In that group you would only need to beat 1 player versus 2 to stave off elimination.