Odds are up!

TPF, North American Championship, Women’s World Championship, Pin-Masters.

Collusion awaits! :slight_smile:


Strange feeling to see my name on there. Oddly enough, I think this might be better bragging rights to my non-pinball friends than reciting my international ranking.


Can we place bets on you NOT winning?

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Now we’ve got prop bets too? Seriously? Yowza…

Are win, place, and show an option. I want boxed pinball trifectas.

Also being able to parlay a pinball tournament with other pinball tournaments and/or other sports would be sweet. “I’ll take Mariners over the Astros, Federer over Nadal, and @ryanwanger to win pinburgh.”


My money is on no.

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Odds don’t seem ridiculously great this time around, unlike SPC Final where I feel like there were some massively +EV spots. Still cool & surreal to see pinball betting though.

Can we place bets on collusion?

I have never followed sports betting, but I am really bothered by the use of the word “odds” here. I realize American betting odds is industry standard, but it causes me great discomfort.

The phrase “according to IFPA” is used regularly.

Is this details taken from the IFPA website?

If so
a) place bet on winner being under 40
b) when finals are taking place ask each of the finalists to change their age on the IFPA website to under 40 if needed(if necessary - offer a split of the winnings)
c) collect your guaranteed winnings :joy:

I was wondering the same thing. I am assuming they have locked in the values as of the date they set the odds. It seems very imprecise, or at least poorly documented in a lot of instances.

No need to ask the finalists to change their age. I’ll just place a massive bet myself and change everyone’s profile age without their knowledge.

See you guys later! I’m buying an island off the coast of Fiji :slight_smile:

Finally a real use case for IFPA admin access!


If you want to lay the $10,000 to get $100, I’m sure they’d let you. :wink:

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This sucks. I placed 4th at TPF last year and I didn’t even make the list for chance to win this year :frowning:

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I’d only need to bet $1.01 on myself to make any buyout attempt moot.

Is the Nationals bracket available yet?

Speaking of betting, about a year ago I threw out the idea of having a Calcutta at pinball tournaments, in the same fashion that every single billiards/pool tournament has a Calcutta. Initial feedback from this forum alone was “not a good idea”, however with the IFPA pushing this betting site, I think a Calcutta makes perfect sense.

For those not familiar with a Calcutta, you don’t have to participate if you don’t want to so it doesn’t effect people who don’t want to gamble.

There’s a big difference between betting on championship events and local ones, IMO. It will obviously depend on your scene, but I know it would put off some of our regulars…while some would love it.

As was mentioned in the previous conversation, I think you run the risk of hurt feelings among inexperienced or less competitive players.

Here’s a link to the original thread for those wishing to continue the discussion on Calcutta: Pinball Calcutta

I’m not sure I’d say the IFPA is pushing this betting site but rather that there is excitement around the fact that pinball has reached a high enough level of mainstream awareness to have coverage on betting sites.

Keep in mind that gambling is a touchy subject whose legality varies widely between jurisdictions.


Yeah, I do a lot of officiating locally and I don’t think I’d want to continue doing that if locals were placing bets on the matches.

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