Odd game behavior, this ever happen to you? (South Park)

Last night in league I was playing South Park (yeah, yippie for me right?). It was ball 3 and I only needed one more shot to light my multiball so I did a full plunge into the toilet targets. Multiball lit and the ball went straight down the middle and ended my game. This game has ball saver on and was used frequently by my opponents often times 7-10 seconds into play… For me, no ball save but here is where it gets interesting. Tail of events:

  • full plunge to toilet
  • hit target and lit multiball
  • ball drains immediately (2 maybe 3 total seconds from plunge to in the troth)
  • Bonus count starts (no points appear to be awarded)
  • Ball saver activates.
  • I get back to the game and see the ball saver is for player 3 though (I was player 2)
  • Player 3 wasn’t even at the game and never plunged
  • game “ball saved” 4 balls into play

What the heck even happened here other than me getting “that’s pinballed” out of my ball 3 and losing the game :frowning:

I didn’t ask for a ruling as I knew their was zero chance we could recreate this but I’m curious now how in the world a game would negate the ball save, start bonus, and then decided to give a ball saver but for the next player.

The ball saver on South Park is screwed up.

Also, I believe some of the shot mode progress reset at end-of-ball, and some don’t. Inconsistent.

Crazy game, in many ways.

I’ve always felt the ball saver on South Park has always been super short on ball 3 for some reason. (Or to be more precise: I consistently see players walking away confused after what seemed like an unexpectedly short ball 3).

Also, the VUK kickout activates a brief ball saver, so you can get ball saved at that point no matter how long you’ve been playing.

If you were playing the one at pinballz, it has an issue with the auto launcher. For whatever reason, the moment the ball is kicked out, it also thinks you fully launched the ball (you can hear ike being kicked). It starts you’re already insufferably short ball sAve timer and deprives you of a chance at the skill shot. At least that’s what happened during some solo games this week.

Yes, it was the pinballz game.