Notifications showing up days late

Anyone else have trouble with notifications showing up days late? E.g. Just now I got a notification about a private message, but the message was actually sent 3 days ago.

Same seems to be true to notifications about replies in threads and likes. They show up days after the activity happened.

Yeah I got a late one about a reply too. Even though I’m relatively sure it already told me about it, but not 100%.

I seem to have been getting the email notifications on time, but notifications on the site itself have been showing up late.

Ditto, likes and replies aren’t showing up in the upper right for days on end.

Same here

Didn’t you hear? The TSA has been put in charge of notifications.

I have been noticing this as well. I think it may have been related to the email problems (which I think I finally cleared up today.) I also upgraded the software so hopefully this will start behaving again.

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FWIW the notification for your reply showed up right away

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