Northwest Pinball Championships 2024

This year we are returning with TWO MASSIVE IFPA CERTIFIED+ events (potential 300% total value), part of 5 total IFPA events across the weekend.

We also continue to be part of the Stern Pro Circuit

2024 updated changes:
CLASSIC has an expanded bank of 8 games while using CARD system to reduce the queue and increase variety of games.
WOMEN qualifying opens on Thursday from 5-8PM to make the 20 hours of qualification and 2x the qualifiers TGP!

NW Pinball Championships 2024
August 22nd to 25th (Qualifying Thu 5-8pm for Women, Fri noon-midnight / Sat 10am-midnight, Finals Saturday for Women’s and Classic, Sunday for Open and High stake tournaments)

Registration (limited to 140 players max) will open on 6/1 at Noon Pacific on the website.

100% of the tournament tickets/cards money is paid back to the players as prizes, topped with generous contributions from our sponsors. Over $32,000 was paid out in prize last year (including trophies)!

We are continuing to receive great feedback about our new venue of the past 4 events and we are happy to announce we will be returning to the Lynnwood Bowl & Skate for 2024!

More at

We take great pride in having an extremely dialed and enjoyable lineup and overall providing a world-class tournament experience.

The OPEN division qualifying will continue with the “card of 5 games” format this year, the top TOP 2 cards will now count toward your ranking. The bank will be 10 games.
The CLASSIC tournament qualifier will now be the “card of 4 games” format this year, the top TOP 2 cards will now count toward your ranking. The bank will be expanded to 8 games this year.
The WOMEN’s tournament qualifier will use the same format as the OPEN division, with a “card of 4 games” out of a bank of 5, TOP 2 cards will count.
The HIGH STAKE division will use the same format as the OPEN division, with a “card of 5 games” out of a bank of 5, TOP 2 cards count.
The SUNDAY REVENGE tournament will be a 4 player group Knockout tournament on the Classic bank.

For finals, a player cannot repeat the same machine pick across all the rounds in the finals. The tournament director will track the machine pick to make sure there is no repeated machine choice until that player picked all the games available.
All the games and position shall be picked by the players at the beginning of each rounds for all 3 games in that round.

We will be streaming the finals on Saturday and Sunday all day. We will also stream the qualifying on Friday and Saturday (depending on availability). All this thanks for our partnership with GeekGamer.TV

The Northwest Pinball Championships is open to players of all skill levels and ages. It is a multi-day qualifying tournament followed by a day of finals. During qualifying on Friday and Saturday players purchase cards for OPEN/HIGH STAKE (5 games per card), CLASSICS/WOMEN (4 games per card) to play on the tournament machines. Players may purchase as many cards as they like but there will be lots of opportunities for free tickets (Volunteering, pre-tournaments…).

To help us cover our location rental cost a $40 registration fee which will includes 1 free card for Classics division.

OPEN division cards (5 games per card) will be 1 for $20.
CLASSICS division cards (4 games per card) will be 1 for $15.
WOMEN’S division cards (4 games per card) will be 1 for $15.
HIGH STAKE division cards (5 games per card) will be 1 for $40.
The SUNDAY CONSOLATION event will be a Group Progressive 11 strike classic revenge tournament (0/1/2/3 strikes per group), limited to 40 players. $10 sign up, anyone is welcome (registered for NWPC main event or not), registration open at 10:30AM (first come first served), trophy for winner, pay out to top 4.

Combo #1 - 1 Open Card, 1 Classic Card, and 1 High Stakes Card for $70.
Combo #2 - 2 Open Cards, 2 Classic Cards, and 2 High Stakes Card for $130.

Each player’s best score on each machine is tracked in a computer and those scores are ranked against all the other competitor’s scores on that machine. Players then receive an aggregate of their machine rankings (on a card or through all their best individual tickets) to determine their overall qualifying position in their division.

Anyone making it to a final on Sunday will get cash prizes! All top 4 finalist will get trophy/plaques to take home!

There will also be several activities including charity drive, swag raffles and more…!

We will have more announcement in the future as well as the banks line up!

Tickets for the event will be onsite starting Saturday June 1st at Noon Pacific time:

Buy tickets for NW Pinball Champs

Tickets are limited to 140 players this year, please note it sold out pretty quickly last year. When sold out, please add yourself to the wait list.


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Let’s at least make them different . . . one regular, one with lightning flippers, one with 2" flippers, one with banana flippers, one “high-gravity” with 8 degree pitch, one “moon game” with 5 degree pitch, one with the flippers wired cross-handed, one “sa-TILT-lite” game where hitting the satellite target tilts, etc. I know, Cayle, not what you had it mind, but it would be amusing in a non-tournament setting. Be fun to see who gets GC on which versions. Master of the Congo Multiverse? If anyone out there has access to 8 or 10 games of the same title, Congo or otherwise, it might be an entertaining side event to stream some day. How adaptable is everybody?


I am absolutely not opposed to that being the setup for World Champs :smiley:

Registration for Northwest Pinball Championships 2024 (8/23-25) OPENS in LESS than 1 hour, NOON PACIFIC TIME:

Was wondering what the set-up will be this year with 8 classics games. Will you be putting those 8 plus the high-stakes bank in the back room as usual and restricting access to that room to people playing or “on deck”? Might be a bit crowded otherwise.

it is still up in the air, we are trying to reach an agreement with the arcade games owner to compensate them and take some of that space.
The back up option is to add 2 more games in the existing classic room, bringing power from the outside and removing all chairs to reduce crowding/temperature inside-