Nominate your event for the PAPA Circuit

Nominations for the 2016-2017 PAPA Circuit are now open. Visit the URL below to view the requirements and fill out the form to nominate your tournament. All tournaments, world-wide, are now eligible for inclusion.

If you are currently on the 2015-2016 Circuit schedule, you do not need to renominate your tournament.

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@PAPA_Doug: what is the deadline for nomination submissions?

We haven’t set a deadline as of yet. But get any submissions in ASAP.

Doug I think there is an issue with the document to submit. 2 things I have submited and on both I put my name as first TD and my buddy marks as the 2nd. After I sign it the finished document shows the 2nd TD’s name and contact info in both fields…


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I have the nomination for the 24 Hour Battle. We just have to give all the credit for the event to Mark now. :slight_smile:

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Nice try!

Time for you to play it this year…

Last day for nominations is Friday 2/19/16. Get your events in now!