No Fear - Pro Tips

Hey guys,

Farsight is now looking for some pro tips for No Fear.

Feel free to email me or post to this thread if you want to share any tips, as well as whether you want to be credited for those tips on the game or prefer to be anonymous.


The “Major Challenges” are a lot more valuable than the “Minor Challenges”. Consider using “Start Challenge” on the plunge as well as timing out “challenges” to get to the “Major Challenges”.

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No Limit is a lie.

  • Over the Edge and Payback Time, when stacked, can give you a ton of points really quickly. When Over the Edge is lit, activate Payback Time, and then start Over the Edge to begin high scoring modes at both ramps.
  • All other scoring in the game pales in comparison to the huge points you can get from the jump ramp during Meet your Maker. If you’re skilled at this table, time out all the minor challenges, play the major challenges, and then activate Meet Your Maker - but instead of shooting just any shot, cradle several balls on the left flipper and go for the jump loop over and over from the right flipper.
  • If Jump This! is activated at the left outlane while a kickback is also lit, Jump This! will be a two ball Multiball mode rather than a timed mode. This is a quick and easy way to shoot the jump ramp over and over for some solid points.

I would like to be credited for the tips :slight_smile:

Meet Your Maker Super Jackpots are 200M for each Jump Ramp, which basically trumps all other scoring methods, even on regular Multiball.

I’ve not played this table much (only once or twice, and that was at ReplayFX).

Can the pro-tips include links to archive footage? Jorian beating the crap out of the game from a few years ago is a fine tutorial…

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I’ve been playing a ton of No Fear in the last couple months and it’s really grown on me. I’ve had so much fun playing it I haven’t looked for a tutorial or rule sheet, just grinded it out the hard way. Super fun and a great mix between control and flow gameplay. :grinning:

Random thoughts:

Each Jump Ramp adds 5M to bonus and carries through. The jump ramp is a safe shot so it’s worth building on ball 1 if the shot feels good. On a 5-ball game my best is around 1.2B total bonus just from ramps.

Asphalt/Skull Challenge is decent scoring but way too dangerous. Best to time out. Timer will eventually pause without another shot but post passes are pretty friendly and a somewhat safe shot is usually possible to the jump ramp shot which feeds the left flip.

Snow Challenge is also dangerous because the right ramp is mostly only good for building payback time and it’s a tough shot. I usually time it out, but it’s not as bad as Asphalt as it only requires one shot to get it out of the way. I think it lights the left saucer for Mystery, though, including video mode and a 2-ball multi.

All other modes are decent risk/reward points, or at least an opportunity to build more jump ramps for bonus.

The loop builds toward EB, lit by the inlanes by any ramp shot. In regular tournament competition, probably useless. For Farsight and trying to build high scores, absolutely essential. I think the the loops start on the middle value so the first EB is fairly easy but the rest require collecting all values, and it may get tougher from there.

No Limits is decent points but if I haven’t collected an EB, I’ll focus on the long ball saver to try and get it there.

Fear Fest is a nice risk/reward between Jackpots and another EB, if not already collected, otherwise it’s mostly standard multi strategy.

Meet Your Maker - Jump ramps all day for Super Jackpots. Maybe an EB shot.

All this said, someone told me the way to get GC’s on No Fear is to time out all modes and grind Wizard for Super Jackpots. :pensive:

Is that available online somewhere? doesn’t seem linked from pinballvideos.

Here ya go.


Thanks, this went under my radar.

Re-name the pin: "Jump ramp All Day"
That, or include an option to disable the upper flipper… hmmmm.

Rather than disable jump ramp entirely, one way to make it less of an all day strategy is to ‘block’ the jump ramp every other shot the way the Track/Skull mode and Snow Challenge do, so that the upper ramp requires two shots to access, with every other shot feeding the left flipper. The left feed usually requires an on-the-fly shot and can be safe-shot to the right ramp or skull, but both are somewhat difficult shots. This has the added bonus of making Payback Time more interesting. Not sure if this kind of hack is possible.

Another way to do it is to divert the ball at all times except when in a mode that doesn’t disallow it already (track/skull and Snow Challenge). So the only opportunities to build ramps is with the mode timer going.

Pro Tip:

Shoot the upper jump ramp all day.