NKY Pinball December Pinbrawl

Hey everyone. Just wanted to let you know that I will be hosting an event at my house December 2nd. Although all 40 spots are taken, I wanted to share here that we will be streaming the whole event. Qualifying and finals.

Still working on locking in a couple commentators, but hopefully have that figured out soon.

Stream will be at www.twitch.tv/chuckwurt and will start at noon.

Hopefully lots of you will tune in!!

Format for those interested:

6 rounds of group matchplay for qualifying. 7,5,3,1 scoring. Initial groupings are based off ifpa tank and pairings are adjacent. Then next rounds are paired based off current tournament standing.

Top 16 get to A finals. Next 16 B finals. Group matchplay bracket. 3 game rounds with top two each round advancing. Scoring 7,5,3,1, and game/position choice goes to the top three ranked people in each group. Top ranked player chooses game one, next highest picks game two, next highest picks game three.

Game list:

GOT pro
Big Game
ST Pro
TWD prem
Tron Pro
Harlem Globetrotters
Jungle Queen
Grand Prix
Odds and Evens


Nice, Chuck. And to think I remember when you got your first game back when I frequented the other board.

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So no set commentators, so we wont have full time volunteers until the Qualifying is over. We plan to still stream all of qualifying though.

I plan to have the current group with names and the round of qualifying it is displayed at all times to help the viewers. We will also get players to come sit on the stream to update everyone when they finish their games and are waiting for the next round to start.

Any other ideas for how to handle no commentators for qualifying are certainly welcome.


Can’t wait for this… I think the stream will be really good too. please tune in if you can. Oh and chuck did find someone to volunteer to commentate for the qualifying rounds. So there should be a commentator or two the entire stream. The alcohol will be flowing at this event so it could get interesting towards the end of the night. But we will try to keep it PG rated. Maybe PG-13. Partial Nudity (backglass), some language (not like this!), mild violence (rage tilts).

No rage tilts. I will give out warnings and zeros for repeat offenders. Gotta crack down on that nonsense.


The TWD used in this will be running 1.60 code.

GAH! But pinball makes me so angry sometimes!!!

Haha. My step daughter can make you a stress ball with homemade slime in it.

We also have a private room with pillows to cry in.


no foolin’!?!?

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Tune in! We’re live!


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I am going through the event and highlighting some stuff. This clip of a drain may be the best of the day haha. Keep an eye on the player cam for @PinballNarcissist