NGG multiplayer lock issue

Hi everyone!

A friend’s No Good Gofers has the following super annoying feature:

Start two player game.

P1 raises left ramp for lock 1 and drains without getting the lock.

P2 starts the ball, ramp flap goes down. P2 drains.

P1 continues with ball 2. Ramp stays down, lock is lit. Shooting ramp only advances range value. Lock is not awarded. Ramp is only raised for lock if enough (3-4) consequent left ramps are shot to make Bud pop up. Player is in lock jail and only getting the chance for ball lock, if able to shoot these consequent ramp shots. If forced to ball search, ball search opens both ramps briefly but also closes them instantly.

Both gofers and ramp flaps work perfectly in gofer test.

Is this game still malfunctioning somehow, or is the lock ramp logic in NGG really this bad?

And to make this even more confusing, the same happens with right ramp, except that made ramp shot when lock is lit awards the lock virtually and the problem is solved that way.

I have heard about many bugs in NGG, but not about this one.

any help would be appreciated,


Yes, I believe so.

How NGG software handles locks in multiplayer games in terrible. It cannot be used in a tournament really at all.

I think most of the issues go away if you disable Gophers and ramps in the adjustment settings. There is also a software bug in these settings that will sometimes still raise a Gopher. For it to work properly you have to physically unplug the Gopher coils.