New to forum, not to pinball!

Joe geneau here! I’ve heard many talk about the prestigious tilt forum but never checked it out for whatever reason. Been getting pretty involved on the local level with getting leagues and tournaments started lately so figured I’d jump on board for any questions that might arise out of that, as well as guidance from more seasoned players for my own knowledge. Thanks in advance!



Hey, LTNS [not since FPF]. Welcome. I suggest you browse the board to get a feel for the content and tone, then jump right in on any threads with comments or questions. This is more of a player’s board than a collector’s, and less into the repair angle than into software fixes and mods.


Hey, welcome Joe. Joe and Lauren are nice folks!

Not too much of a collector anymore. Sold most of my really nice low production games (METLE/luci etc) to support my local location. I’m a tournament player. At shows, I like the experience of playing prototype games. That’s about it, I’m into competition.

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