New Tales From The Arabian Nights custom competition ROM

The patch has been removed.

I am affraid this is one more quite debatable patch. I promise. The rest of the batch are crown jewels.

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Why max the bonus X at 8? Harem, sure, goes crazy uncapped. Lamp, okay, although if you don’t reset the timer, I’d be inclined to use a longer default timer length. But bonus X is a key strategic item that I see no need to reduce from 12X. If you get a huge bonus and huge X, you earned it.

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The lamp is risk reward. Sounds like the game is reduced to bashing genie/ lockzzzz

Total agreement with Bob here, reducing bonus x from 12 to 8 is a really arbitrary decision. The amount of work you have to do to build up bonus that high is not insignificant either, dealing with lamp spins and surviving captive ball hits (not that they’re SUPER dangerous, but the right one can be sketchy).

As for Harem, I would be OK personally if you could build it up by 1K before the mb and not advance at all during (especially not by the gigantic higher amount).

I would not stop the LL timer at all. That just bums me out.


I agree with everyone else.

IMHO, TOTAN needed two changes - a fix for the Harem values, which you addressed, and a fix for the endless genie battle (score until you win!) which it doesn’t appear you fixed. There’s another bug lurking out there where you can stack Harem and Genie battle for a ridiculous amount of points.

I also like Keith’s suggestion to build up Harem by 1K before Harem Multiball but not advance during it.

I don’t think Bonus X or Lightning Lamp needed to be changed.

Thanks again for taking this on!


Is there a No Good Gofers ROM in the works? Now there is a game just crippled by software bugs. I think they are all pretty well documented but I have a running list of them if you need it.

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Thanks for all your comments I really appreciate it.

The concept was to balance the game out a bit from the experiences with it. And the 12x -> 8x just felt right. I guess, if the game was shipped maxing at 8x none of us would have given it a thought.

I agree, that the lamp timing thing could be compensated by a higher start value. To allow a bit of 3x lamp scoring cash in. It is the forever extendable mode that bugs me. The timer is not even paused on lamp hits. It is back to mode start. Plus the value of hit to lamp progresses.

Top priority was the Harem MB and Genie battle. The best solution to Genie battle is that scoring is disabled during the mode. And the mode only pays the 20M completion tip. Leaving no reason for not finishing it as fast as possible. And making it immune to what ever may be stackable with it. Couldn’t pull that far. And went with 3x lamp off the board and Harem (a lot) less lucrative.

I knew these ideas were up for debate. And I welcome any evaluation. I wanted to share and see the reception. I might put in the effort to make the custom rule changes menu adjustable in some way.

Thanks. Happy flippin’.

I also would love to see all Bazzar awards available (in deterministic order) in tournament mode.

Any chance this would get revisited. I’d love to be able to have this at The Sanctum but fear the points last addresed. The ones this rom currently addresses doesn’t concern me.

Whoa. Digging the crate here :slight_smile: This mod is fine. But it - hmmm - could do with a more complete overhaul. With individual adjustments.

What would you like to see changed?

The endless genie battle problems are what concern me. Someone mentioned possible no scoring during genie battle and just the completion award to avoid people playing genie battle for an endless period. Also the harem genie stack doesnt seem how the programmers would of originally intended. Genie battle should be the only thing running when it’s going.

Lightning lamp I’ve never really had a problem with.


If you’re just going for making the game usable in tournaments, adding no-score-rule during Genie battle and fixing the harem scoring and stack bug would likely do the trick. However, to fix the game properly (IMHO) so there’s more to shoot at besides the lamp (LL and bonus X), make completing the modes actually worth some points (and you don’t get them if you wish the mode away).

Frankly. The correct solution for Ginie battle is to make the mode progressively harder to beat. To the point where it effectively terminates regardless of how precise one is able to play it. Steady difficulty to start with, then ramp up. The fundamental “issue” is an infinite ball saver mode, that may be played infinetly.

On top of this, I like to see it terminate all other stuff running. Including Harem MB. Why? It is the wizard mode! Two stage deal. Hugh presentation. No other stuff should be running during the Wizard. Polluting the screen, indicators and sound cues.

That being said, Harem MB not starting on HARAM completed, when the Rocks mode is running, is a bug of it own. This could be resolved in a number of ways. Harem never lit during this mode, HAREM completed will override the diverter etc.

The other problem with Harem MB is the trap up and wait encouragement. No good. And prehaps the no ceiling jackpot value.

A bit torn on the lamp as it is an unsafe shot. But no question a chap could get some lucky breaks on a 3x lamp business. Or building the held bonus on ball 1.

I’m totaly fine with whatever you can come up with to make it fit for completion with genie battle. Perfect scoring isn’t absolutely necessary but unifier ball save/infinite scoring isn’t good.